Persian cats are, maybe, well-known for their flattened faces, big and large eyes, long, thick, and luxurious coats. But there’s much more to these cute felines than just the attractive appearance.

From their mysterious—origins to the genetic modification that makes them famous for flat faces back in the 1960s, there’s much we can learn and discover about this majestic cat.

If you’re thinking about getting a Persian cat to your home, or just curious to know more about one of the world’s cutest and oldest breeds, read on to discover some interesting facts about this breed.

White persian cats
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1.Persian Cats’Origin Story is Still a Mystery

There are a lot of references that state the Persian cat’s origin back to the 16 century, His origin is still unknown.

It’s generally believed that Persian cats came from Persia (Iran Now)—from which the name “Persian” was derived. But, many researchers think that the Persian genetics is somehow similar to the cats that existed in western Europe years ago.

Therefore, The truth behind Persian’s origins still remains a mystery, however, there is a famous theory which explains that an Italian nobleman called Pietro Della Valle brought some Persians home to western Europe after falling in love with this beautiful breed when he was on a visit to Persia.

We can also find some researchers that believe the breed was brought to Europe by adventures and traders (they brought kittens with them as a sign of good luck).

Although there is no story that we can totally trust, so, what is important to know is that as soon as the breed arrived in the Western World, he becomes so popular and famous among cat lovers especially the aristocratic people.

2.Persians Appear in Different Colors and Varieties

Many people form a false iconic picture of Persian cats, they probably think about it like a cat with a long, silky, white coat and shiny, blue eyes sitting on a couch like a statue.

This depiction appears, especially in cat food commercials. But Persians appear in different varieties and color patterns that we can write many books to describe.

Furthermore, Persians do not come just in white or silver, but, we can find them in orange, grey, black, calico,bi-color, and many other patterns.

In addition to colors, Persians come in different varieties such as a tuxedo, tortoiseshell, calico, and so on.

cute persian cats

3.Persians Did not Have Flat Faces

Persians are possibly famous for their flattened faces, but you may be astonished if you know that Persians didn’t have flat face shape.

Actually, they didn’t get this special feature until a genetic mutation happened in a litter of kittens in the 1950s.

When the litter was born with flat faces, then, breeders loved the uncommon appearance—and tried to selectively breed their Persians until the flat muzzle became a more normal characteristic.

The flat face—normally known as the peke-face—is the breed’s modern standard according to the Cat Fanciers Association .However, it can cause many health issues.

So, It’s normal for Persians to have teary, runny eyes, breathing issues, and difficulty eating and drinking.

There are also Persians with longer, pointed faces. Known as “doll-faced” Persians, they have a close similarity to their Iranian ancestors.

4.Persians Have Amazing Thick Coats

Another Persian cat’s distinctive trait is their long, thick, and luxurious coats. Composed of two layers—a shorter undercoat and a long, smooth upper coat. So, Persian cats shed a lot compared to other breeds.

If you have the intention to adopt a Persian or already own one that is not brushed daily, you should get a vacuum specially designed to suck up cat hair and try to groom your kitty frequently to get rid of unnecessary hair.

5.Persians Aren’t well at Jumping

Although cats are known for their hunting skills which require being good at jumping, Persians are an exception. They are characterized by being lazy, inactive, and prefer to stay still in calm places.

It is rare when you find a Persian jumping at your furniture or scratching your objects.

In spite of having strong and stocky bodies, these cats are not dynamic and like to stay most time on land rather than jumping.

6.Persians Are High Maintenance Cats

Persians are among the cats that require high maintenance. Since they shed a lot, they need daily brushing and care in order to keep their fur silky and soft.

Furthermore, they need special care and attention because of their face shape. They may be liable to several health issues if not looked after properly.

white persian cats
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7.A Persian Cat Won the World’s First Cat Show

Do you know that the world’s first cat show was organized in 1871? Hosted at London’s Crystal Palace, there were approximately 20,000 visitors—that came to discover some of the world’s most exotic cats on show.

Cat competitors included Siamese cats, Angora cats, Scottish Wild cats, and—most importantly the Persian cat.

By the end of the competition, the Persian cat won the gold and was considered as the “Best in the Show.”

8.Persians Arrived in America Around 1900

Persian cats first came to the United States in the 19 century. By the time the Cat Fanciers Association was created in 1906, Persian cats were among the breeds of cats that were registered by the organization.

Afterward, Persian cats gained popularity in America. Actually, according to the Cat Fancier’s Association, Persians always get higher rankings concerning the most popular breeds.

9.Celebrities, Historical Figures, and Royalty Love Persian Cats

People from different classes in society love the glorious Persians— stars and famous historical figures throughout history adopted this long-haired feline.

Among the world’s best-known Persian parents include Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, who got more than 60 felines in her life; and Marilyn Monroe, who had a white Persian called Mitsou.

cute persian cats

10.Persians Have Graced the Silver Screen

Persians are present on the silver screen. They appeared in the well-known Fancy Feast mascot, James Bond’s archenemy Blofield had a white-haired, blue-eyed Persian friend.

In addition to Mr. Bigglesworth of Austin Powers fame. (just after a plot twist in the movie, the Persian version of Mr. Bigglesworth was changed by a Sphynx cat .)

11.Persians Are Depicted in the World’s Largest Cat Painting

There is a painting sold for a total of $820,000, that is regarded as the world’s largest cat painting—named My Wife’s Lovers— depicts both Turkish Angoras and Persian cats.

The painting has the size of a 6-foot by 8.5-foot piece of art. It is the world’s largest painting of kitties that ever existed.

There are also some famous paintings that describe Persian cats which are so expensive.

cute persian cat

12.Persians Are Similar To Turkish Angoras

angora cat

Persians are similar to Turkish Angora in appearance, which is a fluffy breed of cats that came to Europe from Turkey in the 1600s.

Both cats were cross-bred over the years for the improvement of the Persian cat’s coat and appearance. Persians have a stocky build, a larger head, rounder eyes, and a long coat, whereas Turkish Angoras have light bodies, pointed ears, and small faces.

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