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For many people, cats are such a crucial part of their lives that they love them as family members, sometimes even more! It’s something innate that we enjoy to capture beautiful photos of them on camera and get their memory close to our hearts. But, there is a problem which is taking amazing cat photos can be complex, especially when the pet is a little bit shy.

If you’re reading this article, there are more chances you have a cat or more at home. Or You may just be a person who loves photographing cats around the street. Whatever the person you are, we are going to provide some reliable tips and tricks that will help you take stunning feline shots.

1.Photograph your cats gradually

Many people have some cats that are shy from the cameras. For those who have these types of cats, try to take photos step by step until they become accustomed to it. You may photograph them, for instance, first once a day, then twice a day, and then four times a day. This will help them to be always ready for spontaneous shots.

2.Use treats

Reward your cats with a treat when you take a wonderful photo. You may either give them some delicious cat candies or play with them using toys they most enjoy. Thus, You will get incredible results. But, bear in mind not to do this too often since they will get very impatient and angry.

cute kitten
Gabriel Vera/Pixabay

3.Patience and respect

Patience is one of the most important elements to consider when photographing your kitties. If can’t be patient, they may not be patient to you too and might run away if they get nervous.

In addition, you should respect their intention when they are not willing to get photographed since They’re living creatures that have feelings and emotions like us.

4.Use of sounds

You can easily get cats’ attention by making sounds. You can also call them using their name, knocking on certain objects like a desk or table, whistle, etc.

While they are looking at you, you should realize that you only have some seconds. You will just attract their attention for just a few seconds before they go doing other things. Therefore, It is very boring when they go away from you but being patient is the key to success.

wonderful cat
Gabriel Vera/Pixabay

5.Photographing cats outdoors

Photographing cats outdoors is so amazing. The environment and parks are lovely and most cats enjoy going outside. While taking outdoor photos, it is better to put the aperture low as the lens will allow for affecting the depth of field positively.

If you hate grainy photos, then try to put the ISO at the lowest levels.
You should also adjust the best shutter speed to avoid much movement in the photo and to get rid of too much brightness. So, when the photo gets very bright, it’s sometimes difficult to edit it out. At that moment, it would be better to take a new one that is a little bit darker.

6.Golden hours photography

We all love golden hour photos that are taken during sunrise or sunset. I personally enjoy taking photos an hour or so before the sun goes down since it is a perfect time to shoot wonderful pictures for my cat.

Most photographers appreciate – this ‘Golden Hour’ because of the qualities of light and possibilities it offers for getting creative photos.

cats photographed

7.Choosing beautiful places

Remember that the beauty of the place in which you take photos will definitely add more charm and fascination to the picture. So, once a month, go out with your kitty to any amazing places where you find trees, rivers, waterfalls, landscapes, and so on.

The cats will be at their utmost happiness in these areas which is a great opportunity to capture stunning and unforgettable photos.

8.Don’t worry when they don’t look into the camera

Many people have cats that dislike looking at the camera, but you shouldn’t get upset indeed since this attitude may be an advantage. There are many cases where we find amazing photos taken of cats while they were not aware of it.

amazing cat

9.Use freelense technique

Free-lensing is a great technique to use when you have a camera with a lens that can be removed. This method will make you shoot with a lens detached from your camera which gets some focus on a specific part and make a blurry effect.

Although this technique requires practice to master, it’s worth our trial as it creates wonderful photos.

10.Getting down to your cat’s level

It is a general mistake made by most cat lovers to photograph the feline from a higher position. This will rarely bring you high-quality photos. However, trying to take photos on your cat level will have more effect and show the pet’s appearance better.

Moreover, If you want to shoot a cat in a hunting position, kneel down to the ground and bring a toy that is similar to prey and try to be creative. Although If it’s difficult to get at these lower positions, but it’s worth it when you achieve an amazing photo.

11.Focus on the eyes

The point that you focus on in the image is the one where the eyes of the viewers will look at more. In cat photography, it is advised to focus on the eyes as they convey feelings and emotions, and we are most attracted to them.
So, Cats have these attractive and beautiful eyes. If you shoot them perfectly, the photo will look gorgeous.
You may also apply this rule to other body parts. For instance, focusing on paws can make you amazing results. Therefore, it is up to you to be as creative as possible.

cute cat
Jose Luis Gutiérrez Ruíz/Pixabay

12.Always Be Ready to Shoot

This is an obvious recommendation. But in real life, it is quite often to miss a shot only because you were not prepared for the opportunity.

If we consider photographing cats, it is even worse. Cats move fast, and they won’t wait for us until we get our camera ready for a shoot.

Hence, try to be Always prepared. Adjust the settings necessary for the light situation and keep the camera or phone near you so as to not to miss a sudden photo.

13.Don’t Use Flash, Especially with Kittens

When light conditions are not good, then you may use the flash. But, remember that cats do not like these sudden and strong light bursts.

You may frighten them and make them run away from you. Especially kittens that are more sensitive to such light.

Rather than turning on the flash, you can lower the shutter speed, open the aperture of the camera, and increase the ISO level to improve light quality.

You can also use an LED light that won’t harm your cats. In the beginning, use the LED light at quite low intensity and increase it gradually when the pets get accustomed to it.

Uschi Leonhartsberger-Schrott/Pixabay


Cat photography is both funny and challenging. Set the camera to the right mode and always be ready to shoot. In order to double your chances of getting a perfect picture, Take as many photos as possible.

Patience is a key element in photographing cats and respecting their will to get photographed is fundamental too.

You need also to be Be open-minded about your results since purr-fect pictures will come when you are patient and persistent.

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