Cats have a great reputation all over the world. They are mostly sweet and playful companions.

These pets are also one of the most beautiful and varied animals on Earth and no two breeds look exactly alike.

We have put together 15 of the most beautiful cat breeds on Earth that will show you how different cats can look.

1.Exotic Shorthair

Photo by Dan Wayman on Unsplash

Exotic Shorthairs are one of the most known cats in the world. They are so popular in the U.S. for a reason. They are friendly and sweet with fluffy coats and distinctive faces.

2.British Shorthair

Photo by Boris Debusscher on Unsplash

British Shorthair cats are quite calm and affectionate. They do not like to damage furniture or make noise around the home. These cats have a good intellect and are easy to deal with as they get attached to their human.

This feline is perfect for families with children because they love to play and enjoy beautiful moments with kids.



All cats are amazing, but there are some special ones that are ultimately wonderful.

The Abyssinian is not only one of the oldest cat breeds, but he is maybe one of the most beautiful of all.

These cats have nice coats and shiny eyes that light up any place they look at. They have lovely and active personalities. These felines are perfect pets that got infinite beauty.


Photo by MIKHAIL VASILYEV on Unsplash

Birman cats are known for their exceptional love and affection. They have been bred as companion cats for many generations.

They are docile and quiet. Birman cats are sociable, intelligent, and friendly. These felines are also curious and people-oriented, but not too noisy.



The Toyger has a sweet and quiet personality. He is generally friendly and outgoing enough to walk on a leash.

This cat is also energetic and loves to play fetch and other interactive games. These cats can easily get along with other breeds of cats and dogs.

Toyger cats are so named because they look like toy tiger breeds. You can’t take your eyes off their beautiful coats.

6.Scottish Fold

Photo by Max Baskakov on Unsplash

Scottish fold cats have wide faces and folded ears that make them look so cute. They are playful, smart and sweet . these cats will surely steal your heart.
The Scottish Fold is so active that enjoys teaser toys that test his agility and puzzle toys that challenge his intelligence. He enjoys anything that involves human interaction.

There is nothing a Scottish Fold likes better than to be with his family.



Ragdoll cats are known to be friendly, calm, and sociable. They are also Affectionate and loving pets.

These cats have an almost dog-like devotion to their humans. Some people also say that they need more attention and emotional care.

They are really a perfect companion animal for people and their families.

8.Maine Coon

Photo by Sergei Wing on Unsplash

Maine Coons are known for being a friendly, affectionate, and intelligent breed of cats. They are not only huge in size but also big in personality.

Similar to a dog, the Maine Coon loves the company of her family and sometimes behaves like a pack animal. They are obedient and come when they are called.


Photo by Alex Meier on Unsplash

The Siamese cat is known for his friendly, sociable, and affectionate nature. These cats tend to be loving and devoted to people, and they will often get particularly attached to one person.

They are playful and intelligent and need a lot of interaction and care. Most Siamese cats are able to live together with children and other cats. They can even live with cat-friendly dogs if they are well-trained.

9.Persian Cat

Photo by Amir Mohammad Azarmehri on Unsplash

Persian cats are characterized by their thick and beautiful coat which makes them majestic pets.

Their flattened face gives them a very special look that makes people love them. They are among the oldest and most beautiful cats in the world.

9.Bengal Cat

Photo by Igor Karimov on Unsplash

While many people consider the Bengal to be a wild cat that he only seems to be domesticated, the breed is actually very sweet and affectionate.

The Bengal is closely attached to his people and is a faithful pet. As a large, athletic cat, the Bengal must run, jump, and play to be happy and satisfied.

10.Siberian Cat


The Siberian cat is usually friendly and adventurous. This breed gets along particularly well with people, other cats, and even dogs.

Siberians enjoy the company of their family and are excellent companions with their calm behavior and quiet tones.

This elegant cat has a long, lush coat perfect for keeping it warm in your house during a cold winter.

11.Norwegian Forest cat


the Norwegian Forest Cat has a friendly, calm, and gentle personality. They are smart and friendly, and some have been described as being “dog-like” pets.

These cats are generally adaptable, inquisitive, and courageous. Norwegian Forest Cats are really good with children and other animals, which makes them perfect pets for the family.

12.Turkish Angora

Photo by Petra Bouchalová on Unsplash

When you see a Turkish Angora for the first time, you will probably be most astonished by her beauty, but you should also know that they are among the most sociable and beautiful cats in the world.



The Ocicats have inherited personality traits from both Siamese and Abyssinian, two breeds that have been considered domesticated for many thousands of years.

They often welcome guests and are friendly and sociable. They are ideal pets for most households and generally tolerate gentle children and other pets.

14.Russian Blue Cat


Russian Blue cats are curious, calm, and affectionate. They can be shy in the beginning, but they are playful and agile as soon as they feel comfortable.

These cats can live happily with families and even with other pets. They also tend to form a deep bond with only one person but they will still love the other family members.

Although Russian Blue may look more grey than blue, you will be impressed by their shiny fur and lovely nature.

15. American Curl


The friendly and gentle American Curl is known for his big-hearted personality. He even likes children, which is not always the case with some cats, and is known for seeking their company.

Due to his domestic shorthair heritage, he is moderately active, curious, and intelligent.

American Curl cats have pointed ears and sweet faces that will immediately melt your heart.

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