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You may possibly heard many times that it’s hard to train your cat.

I believe that teaching your cat to do tricks is more difficult than training your dog, but it absolutely can be done.

As long as the cat is perfectly ready and in good mood for learning, the training is doable.

Actually, you may have already taught your kitty something. She comes to you when you call her name, don’t you?

Thus, you should be motivated for what comes next. However, before we talk about some amazing tricks to teach your cat that will leave your friends dump, let’s introduce something vital.


The crucial thing you must have before getting to start your training lesson is a bag of nice treats. They must be so delicious, and loved by the cat. Because, when the cat doesn’t appreciate the food, she won’t respond to your orders and will lose interest very quickly.

Another important thing is that you should always try the trick in a calm place with no distractions whatsoever so as to get the full attention of the cat.

Felines are intelligent animals and they learn by redoing the same thing over and over again so you need to be very patient.

So let’s discover the awesome tricks you can teach your kitty.

1. Train Your Cat to Sit

When you want to train your cat, it’s always helpful, to begin with, a simple activity like “sit.” To teach this your cat must be standing. Then, get a treat and hold it above her head or above her ears and gently move it towards the tail. The cat will be obliged to sit to check what you have.

When she does this action, tell her that she’s done a perfect job and give her a reward. Then, you should go on doing the same thing repeatedly. In the course of time, try to introduce the spoken order “sit” and avoid the treats bait.

If the cat can now sit when you ask her to do it, you can teach her to stand on her hind legs as well using the same technique. But, just make sure the food is high enough over your cat’s head and encourage her to stand to get it. So easy, isn’t it? And be careful about your fingers, since the cat’s teeth are sharp.

2.Teaching your cat to High Five

It is so wonderful when your cat is able to give a high five? So, once the cat has mastered “sitting ”, now it’s so easy to teach her “high five.”

Hence, try to place the treat over her head and raise it slowly so that she has to get it by reaching it with her paws. Then, When she does the action, you should quickly give her a high five and a reward. However, don’t surrender to any unwanted behavior that your cat might use to get the treat.

3.Training your Cat to Give Kisses

If there is something more lovely than “high five”, it’s “give me a kiss.”Therefore, teaching your cat to do this adorable trick requires smearing something tasty on your fingers or your face, then the cat will do the rest.
This method is perfect specifically when the cat is hungry. Accordingly, try to start the lesson before feeding your kitty.

4.Training your Cat to Use the Bathroom

There are so many videos of cats doing their business in the toilet; that we’ve always asked if it’s really possible to get your cat to do it as well. Actually, Yes, it is. However, it’s not as complicated as you may believe, but it will take more time and dedication to achieve it.

Firstly, try to move the litter box to a place near the toilet and give the cat enough time to adjust. After, continue by raising the box closer to the top of the seat. If your cat feels comfortable using the litter box on top of the toilet seat, then, it’s the right time to buy a special cat training seat that totally fits your toilet in addition to some flushable litter.

As time goes on, you will be able to use less litter and finally avoid the litter box.

5.Training your Cat to Walk on a Leash

I think that this trick is one of the hardest ones that you can teach your feline, but if you need to take your cat out for a walk, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Try to get your cat accustomed with the harness.But, Don’t secure it at first moments because this might freak out the cat.You need to Let her get familiar with the feeling of the harness and therefore you can secure.

However, try to get your cat to spend a few minutes daily wearing the harness. When you recognize that she doesn’t care about the harness,you can easily add the leash.So, Allow your cat to walk around the house and play with the leash and harness so as she can get comfortable with it. After a couple of days, you can take the kitty out walking on the leash.

But, bear in mind that cats’ temperament changes quickly, and in spite of all your training and effort, the kitty may not accept to walk around on a leash like dogs and just refuse stubbornly to walk at all.

Furthermore, some cats are too afraid to challenge their comfort zone (your house), then you shouldn’t force them.

In short, training a cat is not impossible since the reward is worth the effort from your cat’s viewpoint.Always Remember this, and everything is possible.

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