We all have our quirks in behavior, and our Persian cats seem to have theirs. Don’t you think it’s strange that you buy an expensive toy for your cat and he only wants to play with a hair clip?

Persian cats are strange creatures, but there is always a reason for their behavior and a reason for their interests. If you’re wondering why your cat likes strange things, keep reading to find out the motives behind their obsession.

1. A Persian cat may drink from your glass or faucet, not the water fountain

You have purchased an expensive water fountain, but your Persian cat now likes to drink from your glass or faucet. Why do they do that?

Your Persian cat may not be aware that the glass is your glass. He may just be relieved to find a bowl of water when he is thirsty and drink from it. Cats in the wild find a source of water to drink from when they are thirsty, and they do not bother to look for a water fountain.

Another way to look at it is that the cat sees you drinking and wants to drink as much as you do. If you’re okay with that, she’s okay with that too.

Some Persian cats prefer to drink from the faucet, fascinated by the sudden appearance of water while you are washing dishes or brushing your teeth.

They may also prefer the taste of running water to water in a cat bowl all day long, where bacteria thrive. Also, food particles can get into the water and change its taste.

Therefore, the water bowl should be changed several times a day and washed with soap and water at least once a day.

2. They may push things off tables and smash them

Do you have a Persian cat that lives by dropping things off shelves? It’s frustrating when you give them lots of toys and they drop and smash things off the counter every day. Why would your Persian cat do that?

It’s because every time your feline pushes an item until it falls, he reacts differently. It can be fun to watch it bounce in different directions or shatter into many pieces as it falls.

A Persian cat playing in the garden

3. Getting in and out of the box

Why are Persian cats so obsessed with boxes? They are comfort-seeking creatures, and sometimes being in a box with side supports is comfortable for them. Some Persian cats also feel secure when they are in a box as if they are protected from all sides.

Boxes are also fun to hide in, pop out of, and surprise people and other pets. I think cats secretly enjoy the look of surprise or fear on our faces or the reaction of our pets when we catch them off guard. They want to play pranks on us, just as some people like to play pranks on others.

4. Playing with an electrical cord

My Persian cat is obsessed with electrical cords. Every night when I sit and watch TV, I may see him circling the living room. He taps the tag on the cord. Then he grabs the cord and tries to chew it.

I think it’s about time he got tired of this game. Why does my cat keep doing this?

Perhaps the reason is that he has realized that he can get my attention by playing with the cord. It could also be because playing with the cord intrigues him because it moves in unexpected ways.

I already know his tricks. Now I try to get his attention beforehand by distracting him with a cat feather wand or a ball game to distract him from finding the cord.

5. Persian cats may Have Their Butt Scratched

My Persian cat sometimes comes up to me, turns around, and shows his tail end. The area just above the tail, which we call the “butt,” is the part of the body that cats cannot scratch with their paws, and sometimes their tongues are useless.

Some Persian cats have learned to press their backs against a dangling hand when they want to be scratched often. Persian cats show their joy by purring, wagging their tails, raising their hips, and sometimes arching toward your arms and legs.

What you think of as quirky cat behavior can be normal cat behavior that the cat needs to express, or it can be behavior that happens to be reinforced. So calm down and appreciate your Persian cat’s special personality.