Persian Cat Essential Information

Persian cats, those wonderful pets, came to the western countries from the middle east by adventurers and traders. People were greatly attracted to the cute-looking Persian pets.

Not only are the Persian cats beautiful, but they are also affectionate, loving, and friendly pets. Once they feel your true love and care, they become yours.

In this article, I will share the necessary information you should know if you are thinking about getting a Persian cat.

A grey and white Persian cat

What you Should Know About Persian Cats

To make the right decision about buying a Persian cat, you need to take into consideration many factors which are :

1.The Cost

Persian cats are considered as one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. Because of their beautiful looking, luxurious coat and gentle temperament.

This breed requires a higher price tag if you compare him with other feline breeds. But do not forget that they are purebred.

So the price will also depend on the breeder, the type of Persian, and heritage. They may cost between 500$ to 5000$.

2.The Color

One of the elements that make a Persian cat famous worldwide is the variety of colors this cat breed has.

Persian cats come in almost any color you imagine. Therefore, it is easy for you to find your favorite color in your Persian cat.

3.The Breeder

When you think about bringing a new Persian cat home, consider contacting well-known breeders to guarantee that your cat is healthy.

Ask the breeders about the cat’s parents’health. Because there are many hereditary diseases that may appear later on.

You may also ask him about the techniques they use to train and socialize the pet so as to get a clear idea about the cat’s behavior and temperament.

4.Cat Shows

It is a great opportunity at the cat shows to meet breeders from different places. It is possible to find some kittens available for sale.

Then you may get the chance to choose your cat from a wide variety of colors, patterns, and types.

5.CFA Breed Registration

The Persian cat breed is officially recognized only if he is registered with the CFA(The Cat Fanciers’ Association). So, when you buy a kitten, it is necessary to register him right away.

Otherwise, without documentation, you can’t prove that your pet is purebred.


Persian cats need brushing their teeth on a daily basis. Make sure you have enough time to care about your pet before deciding to get one.

However, as you need regular checkups with your dentist, your cat also requires frequent dental checkups with the veterinarian.

Even when your cat’s teeth are good, you may request your vet for an oral cleaning which is good for your feline’s dental health.


Many people think that cats do not need baths because they are able to clean themselves by licking. But the Persian breed is different; It necessary to bathe him regularly even if he is still a kitten.

Making your cat accustomed to baths from an early age will make the process a part of the cat’s normal routine.

So how frequently you should bathe your cat will mainly depend on the cat’s fur. When the cat becomes dirtier, he looks so greasy and the mats will definitely increase.

You can either bathe your Persian yourself or take him to a professional groomer. But just make sure the products used are of good quality so as not to harm your cat’s fur.

8. Flat-Faced vs Doll-Faced Persians

The doll-faced Persian cat has different facial features than the flat-faced one. The former has a longer nose and jaw.

However,flat-faced Persian is an Americanized variety that is developed by breeders to suit people’s preferences.

flat-faced cats are more liable to disorders and diseases like eye injuries, breathing problems, and difficulty in eating.

Therefore, if you feel like having this type of cat, you should be ready to handle any health problems that may face your pet.

You need also to take some daily preventive measures concerning your cat’s health.

9.Persian cat: indoor or outdoor Breed

If you have already accustomed to cats, you may assume that cats love to roam and stay outdoors. You are right in your opinion but there is a debate about whether all cat breeds should be allowed to stay outdoors.

The Persian cat is one of these cats that get a harsh dispute.
However, Persians are best to be kept indoors. They are bred to enjoy luxury life inside the home.

In addition, as they are very expensive cats, their risk of being stolen is huge.
Moreover, their soft physical characteristics make them subject to infections and diseases.


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