Like the majority of cat breeds, Persian Cats appear in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

If a black Persian cat has ever crossed your way, you should be blessed to have that good luck.

So, can we find Persians that are completely black?

Persian cats can be totally black. This is called solid black.

However, many people confuse black smoke with solid black. But, we are going to explain the differences and make things clear in this article.

Black color is among the five solid Persian coat patterns. Therefore, a solid black Persian cat has coal-black fur from root to tips.

Whereas, the black smoke Persian cat has pale roots with silver neck ruff and ear tufts.

A black Persian cat may have an expressionless and cool face since it lacks any markings.

Although the black Persian may seem indifferent, he is actually a friendly and loving pet.

Black Persian cat
Photo by Stefan Ivanov on Unsplash

What Makes a Persian Cat Black?

There are two main factors that determine whether a Persian cat gets a solid black coat which are :

  • Both parents should have the dominant black color gene “allele” known as B.
  • Kitties should inherit a recessive non-agouti gene “a” to make sure a tabby pattern won’t appear.

When a Persian feline has a black smoke coat, where every hair shaft is white at the root and black at the tip. There must be an inhibitor gene to prevent pigment from growing at the base of the hair.

The Two Popular Black Persian Cat Coats

There are so many wonderful black felines and the Persians are one of them.

Although there are a lot of Persian coats that get a certain amount of black color, solid black and black smoke are the most common ones.

Solid Black Persian Cats

Solid black Persians have coal-black coats.
Each hair has solid black color from root to tip.

The fur may appear matt black in some cats and glossier in others.

Black Smoke Persian Cats

Black Persian cats may appear as solid black. But, when you look at them closely, you will notice that their undercoat is lighter.

Such cats look black and grey while moving.
They have a white coat at the roots and coal-black at the tips.

Why Black Persians are very Captivating

It’s a wonderful feeling when you see a completely black Persian.

Although there were so many misconceptions about black cats in the past, fortunately, things are changing now.

People become more accustomed to pet black cats and some even consider them as a sign of good luck.

cute black Persian cat

Black Persian Cat Features

The Eyes

Black Persians have a round, large and wide-set eye. They will have one of the following colors :

  • Copper
  • Amber
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green

Although black Persian cats may have blue eyes at birth, you can’t come across a solid black adult Persian with blue eyes.

The Teeth

Like other breeds of cats, black Persians have 26 teeth for kittens while adults have 30 ones.

It’s necessary to take regular care of your kitty’s teeth to avoid any serious problems.


Black Persian cats in most cases have black whiskers.

As Black Persians shed fur, they may also shed whiskers.

However, If you notice excessive shedding, it’s a sign that your feline is suffering from a health problem.

Therefore, visiting your vet is urgent to figure out the disease and help your pet recover from illnesses.

The Nose and Paws

Most Persian cats have black noses while their paw pads may be either brown or black.

Black Persian Cat Care


Like all other cats, Black Persians need the company of their humans.

They are social animals that require love, attention, and affection.

This feline loves to spend a lot of time with his people, so try to allocate enough time for your friend to make him happy.


Black Persians need high-quality food and a balanced diet to keep them in a good health condition.

You need also to bear in mind that the quantity of food will depend on the feline’s age.

So, caring about your cat’s diet will make sure your kitty will live a healthier, longer life.

Good nutrition will also be preventive medicine, saving you from wasting a lot of money that you may spend handling diseases.


Maybe the most important part of having a pet is the time you spend together.

You and your kitty will develop a strong bond through happy moments you enjoy together.

Providing your feline with the toys he loves, makes him achieve his utmost happiness.

Don’t forget that young kittens will need more activity to burn off their energy than senior cats; who may enjoy lying on the couch for a long time.

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Regular grooming will keep your cat tidy and mat-free.

choosing a good brush is an essential element for caring for your Persian cat’s coat.

Black Persian cats have cute long hair that needs frequent maintenance.

These felines need to be combed and brushed on a daily basis. They also require a bath once a week, and nail clipping every two weeks.

Health Issues

Persian cats may suffer from some common illnesses such as dental disease, haircoat disorder, overgrown nails, and eye discharge.

So, there are none of these problems that may affect only the black Persian cat.

It’s important to get your cat from a registered breeder to avoid having a pet with many serious genetic conditions.

a cute black Persian kitten

Misconceptions about black Persian Cats

History has given this cat a bad reputation

So,do you also get scared when a black Persian cat crosses your path?

Black Persian cats have long been the subject of superstition and suspicion, dating back to the Middle Ages.

What’s all the fuss about? We decided to clear up some of the most common misconceptions about black Persian cats.

Black Persians are supernatural

In the Middle Ages, People considered black Persian cats as demons and part of witchcraft.

Thus, The fear was so great that people began trapping and killing black cats. This leads to an unfortunate consequence: the Black Death, also known as the bubonic plague.

As the rodent population increased due to the decline of the cat population in general and Persians in particular; diseases carried by rats and mice began to spread quickly.

Although there has never been any evidence that black Persian cats are demonic; historians attribute the cause of the bubonic plague in part to the widespread killing of black cats.

In the 15th century, American settlers arrived in the Northeast with deep beliefs in the Bible.

They also believed that black cats were companions of witches. Hence, anyone who had a black cat would experience severe punishment.

At that time, Persian felines had just started to gain fame in the western world.

Eventually, their suspicions grew into a mass hysteria that led to the Salem Witch Trials. Which lasted more than a year and resulted in 19 people being hanged and hundreds more accused or sent to prison.

There are still people today who believe that black Persian cats are “witch doctors,”. But there is absolutely nothing to support such speculation.

However, Endless families would testify that their black Persian cats are nothing more than loving and affectionate companions; who have never had a spell cast on them.

Black Persian Cats Bring Bad Luck

As a result of their association with witchcraft in the late 1600s, the black cat gained a bad reputation and was generally considered to bring bad luck.

Encounters with black Persian cats that are considered “unlucky” include:

  • A black Persian cat that turns and walks away from you.
  • Passing a staircase that a black Persian cat has just walked under.
  • Seeing a black Persian cat on your property.
  • Coming across a black Persian cat early in the morning.

Owners of black Persians will without a doubt refuse the superstition of bad luck.

Interestingly, other cultures such as Japanese, Egyptian, Scottish, and Northern European have considered black cats to be a sign of luck.

Black Persian Cats are Aggressive

Unfortunately, the false belief that black Persian cats are aggressive has led people to abandon black kittens or not adopt them.

The lower adoption rate has led black cats, in general, to fall under the oft-mentioned “black dog syndrome” in shelters.

Where black dogs and cats are passed over in favor of lighter-colored pets that are perceived as passionate, lovely, and friendly.

The appearance was an important factor in pet adoption.

which is why shelters and rescue organizations, plus pet photographers worked hard to encourage people to adopt black cats.

But, The truth is, a black Persian cat is just as lovable as its multicolored counterparts, and there is no evidence that a black cat is aggressive, superstitious, or unlucky.

Things Have Completely Changed

Fortunately, Most People have become aware that all cats are beautiful regardless of their color or breed.

You can every day see on social media people sharing amazing photos with their cute black Persian cats. This proves that the misconception about this category of felines is vanishing gradually.

Furthermore, not only cat patents are getting tolerant with black Persians, but They may also prefer them to other light-colored pets.

Accordingly, If you have a BLACK PERSIAN kitty, make sure to take good care of it.

And, if you are thinking about getting a new feline companion, I think the Black Persian may be the best choice for you.


Black Persian cats are super-cool pets like all other colored Persians.

They are cute, affectionate, and adorable that many cat lovers wish to have.

If you get one of this breed, take good care of him since he will make your life happier

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