Eggs can be prepared in many ways. But once the eggs are fully cooked, the protein can be beneficial for felines. But do cats like eggs?

It’s an issue that we will tackle in this article.

Continue reading to figure out how you can cook eggs to better feed your cat.


Are eggs good for cats?

As carnivore animals, cats need eggs to get protein and amino acids. But bear in mind that cats require just a small amount of eggs.

Excessive consumption of eggs will provide your cats with more calories that may have certain health issues on their weight and health.

How much egg can a cat eat?

Do not overfeed your cat with eggs. They only need a small quantity. Cats(between 8 to 10 pounds) need only between 150 and 200 calories a day.

An egg contains about 90 calories. Then the amount of egg your cat requires is 10 percent of her daily needs according to veterinarians.

Thus, give your pet just a small amount of eggs, because extra calories may cause overweight and health problems.

Is an egg a good meal for cats?

Eggs should be complementary rather than a meal by itself. It’s true that an egg is rich in protein, still, the cat needs other nutritional elements to have a balanced diet.

The amino acids and protein in eggs are a good source of energy for your cat, however, you can’t rely on just eggs to feed your feline, instead try to incorporate other food that is healthy for the cat’s wellbeing.

How should you prepare eggs for your cat?

  • Make sure all shells are completely removed
  • Check that the eggs are fully cooked
  • Provide your cat with small quantities

Are raw eggs good for cats?

Absolutely no. Raw eggs are not good for your cat. Uncooked eggs are a harbor for bacteria such as Salmonella and E coli.

In addition, raw egg whites can be harmful for cats because it contains a protein called avidin that interacts with biotin(B-vitamin) and blocks its absorption.

This may cause a biotin deficiency, hence it is better not to provide your feline uncooked eggs at all.

Can Cats eat eggs?

Will your cat like eggs?

Well, it depends. Some cats are known for their interest in eggs while others may prefer not to eat them.

Some cats have neophilic nature towards food, which means that they like to try and discover new nutritional elements without fear.

Other cats are neophobic which means that they have an irrational dislike of any new or unfamiliar food.

Thus, to know how will your cat react to eggs, give her a small portion of it then you will know even if she likes it or no.

If your cat likes eggs, then you can try nutrition that includes egg as a featured ingredient to guarantee a balanced diet for her.

Can kittens eat eggs?

Like adult cats, kittens also eat eggs. But you need to consider the number of calories they need each day.

Kittens need high-quality food for their normal growth. Then, integrating eggs in your kitty’s nutrition is a good choice.

It’s worth mentioning that, kittens develop their food preferences at an early age influenced primarily by what their mothers eat.

Therefore, at this age, it is appropriate to present a varied range of healthy food for your kitten so that, that healthy variety will be enjoyed in the future.


In short, eggs are a good source of protein for your cat. So, they should be served only if completely cooked and in small quantities.

Although an egg is full of protein and amino acids, still it not a perfect meal for your cats. It should be used to complete a balanced diet.