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As cat parents, we feel so happy when we hear a beautiful story about adopted or rescuing abandoned or stray cats. Because we believe that these amazing creatures deserve the best from us; since they make our life so wonderful with their honest companionship.

Lily is one of the great women that devote much of her energy and time to helping and feeding cats. She is from Indonesia. When she was working in Abu Dhabi city, she allocates a great amount of her salary to help kitties left on the streets. She fed a lot of stray cats around her neighborhood.

She even adopted many cats from the streets. But, today we want to talk just about one of them that is called Akeera.

Lily was used to feeding this mother cat regularly. Akeera got pregnant and disappeared for a while. However, a few days after giving birth, the mama cat surprised the kind lily by bringing a litter of five cute kittens.

You can watch the video below to discover the story

Cats are able to know people with pure hearts and recognize them easily. Akeera trusted the warmhearted woman a lot that she decided to bring her lovely family to her within five days.

Lily felt excitement and happiness and she highly appreciated the brave decision of the mom cat to bring her babies to her home.
straightaway, keera, and her kittens enjoy a delighted life with lily and her other cats.

The new life :

Lily still goes on to accomplish her mission to take care of stray animals who are in need of help. She has a YouTube channel in which she shares her journey with us.

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