Bananas are a rich source of natural sugar, protein, fiber, and vitamins. In addition, they are very tasty. That’s why you may be wondering if giving bananas to your Persian cat is a good idea.

Is it really a good choice?

Can Persian cats eat bananas?

Bananas are not bad for Persian cats, but we do not recommend including them in their daily diet. Bananas are high in sugar, which can lead to diabetes and weight gain.

Therefore, even if your Persian cat can eat bananas, it is best to give her in moderation or avoid them altogether if she has certain conditions, such as diabetes.

Consult your veterinarian before giving your Persian cat the first bite.

Are bananas good for Persian cats?

Bananas are a very nutritious fruit and are considered a healthy snack in the human diet.

They are a great source of fiber, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and many other healthy ingredients.

However, when it comes to your Persian cats, there are better sources of nutrition than bananas. Specially formulated cat food usually meets all their nutritional needs, so there is no need to add fruit to their diet.

Also, Persian cats may be indifferent to bananas and other sweet foods like mango. However, if your feline is unconventional and enjoys the occasional bite, remember that bananas contain a lot of sugar and can have a negative impact on your Persian cat’s health if you don’t control the amount.

How to feed your Persian cat bananas

If your Persian cat keeps asking for bananas, you can give them to her from time to time, unless your veterinarian advises otherwise.

However, be sure to remove the banana peels and keep them out of your Persian cat’s eyes. Banana peels are not well digested by Persian cats, so it is important that both of them should stay apart.

Cut the banana into bite-sized pieces before giving it to your furry friend. Watch your cat to see if she has any unusual reactions.

Banana allergies are extremely rare, but they can occur in Persian cats. If you notice any allergic symptoms, see your veterinarian.

Can Persian kittens eat bananas?

Adult Persian cats could eat bananas, but what about young KITTIES? During the first 12 months of life, Persian kittens should be fed a specially formulated food high in protein, calcium, magnesium, and other important nutrients.

However, towards the end of this period, they can be gradually introduced to small treats such as bananas. Your veterinarian should always be consulted before introducing a new food.

Why are Persian cats afraid of bananas?

You’ve probably seen hilarious videos of Persian cats jumping on harmless bananas and being scared of them. Why?

There are two reasons:

The first is that they are frightened or shocked by the unexpected “attack” of an innocuous fruit.

This causes them to perceive something unfamiliar as a threat to the predator.

Another reason is that they do not like the smell of ripe bananas. The fruit gives off an unpleasant smell of ethyl acetate, which all cats may not like. Therefore, they may run away when they smell it.

Of course, not all Persian cats are afraid of this fruit, and not all Persian cats will run away as soon as they smell a ripe banana.

The same applies to frozen banana treats, some Persian cats will like them, some will not. It depends on how fussy and curious your feline is.


In short, you can give your Persian cats bananas, but in moderation. However, you need to stay cautious so that if they have an allergic reaction or an upset stomach, you can help them as quickly as possible.

Next, try to choose healthy cat treats and avoid those that may be harmful to your Persian cat.

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