Persian cats are, perhaps, best known for their amazing, distinctive appearance. They can appear in different color patterns.

They are among the famous cat breeds in the world which make them in a good position considering the most loved cats by American. They have a fascinating physical appearance and character.


In this article, we will discuss five of the main characteristics of this sweet feline.

1.Ancestral Origins

The Persian cat’s origin is a mixture of pure Persians and Turkish angora. Both cats have no hunting instinct.

The Persian cat was brought to Europe from Persia (now Iran) by two scholars: Pietro Della Valle (1568-1562) and Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Pieresc (1580-1637).

These cats have an amazing fur and a beautiful body. They become well-known all over the world. The Persian was introduced in 1871 at the first feline beauty contest organized in Great Britain in 1871.

2.Calm Temperament

The Persian cat is characterized by a quiet and sweet personality. He prefers being in a silent environment and peaceful places. He doesn’t like noise and chaos in his daily life.

Meals should be provided at a precise time each day. This cat is suitable for families with grown-up kids since he doesn’t like to play so much.

He likes to stretch for long hours on the couch. Places that are full of disorder and uproar are not advisable for this friendly breed of cats.

Persians are not vocal cats. They do not meow a lot unless they are in need of something like food, water; or when they face certain dangers.

They focus more on body language to convey the messages, especially their eyes. For example, you can understand your cat’s feelings through his eyes.

You may know even if he is sad, happy, or angry via the way he moves his eyes. The Persian breed is an intimate cat that requires your attention, love, and affection.

3.High Maintenance Cats

The Persian cat’s long, thick and noble fur needs constant brushing and care. Otherwise, his hair becomes tangled quickly and forms knots that need special skills to get rid of them.

If you are not accustomed to dealing with such issues, you may contact a professional cat groomer to help you in this process.

Cats are known to clean themselves to get rid of parasites (ticks, mites, ringworm…) which may cause them to suffer from respiratory and intestinal problems.

Taking care of the Persian’s eyes is also necessary since they can quickly accumulate impurities in the corner because they are watery and surrounded by an abundance of hair.

4.Elegant Appearance

The Persian is a medium-sized cat. He is heavily boned and massive with excessive fur that makes him look larger than he really is.

The Persian is a majestic looking breed of cat. His body is short but his legs are thick and the face is flattened.

The tail is short and the ears are small. His head is round with large eyes. His robust structure and his thick and soft coat make him one of the most wonderful cats in the world.

His aristocratic appearance makes him preferred by many famous and rich people all over the globe.

5.Health Issues

The Persian cat diet should be chosen very carefully. In fact, considering his colossal obesity, this breed of cats is likely to grow up quickly.

It’s worth mentioning that corpulence is a source of many health problems in humans as well as in cats.

Providing the cat with the right nutritional elements and healthy food is an important factor to prevent and alleviate risky health problems and dangerous illnesses.

Furthermore, the slightly shorter snout of the Persians is the main reason for respiratory problems. This cat is also liable to skin and kidney diseases.
In spite of everything, the Persian is a very sweet and loved cat that can live up to 17 years or more.