With their delicate features and soft, lush fur, Persian cats are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

When you throw in the fact that Persians can come in any color, from white to orange to blue, and that they come in many different coat types (densely-boned to long and lanky).

There’s no doubt why Persians are one of the most popular cat breeds around! If you’re considering bringing one home, here’s everything you need to know about these stunning cream Persian cats.

Cream Persian cat

An Overview of The Cream Persian Cat

Cream Persians are a relatively new addition to feline fancy in North America, but there’s one very important thing that sets them apart from their black and white cousins: They’re absolutely gorgeous.

There’s something about that rich golden color; it just looks so elegant.

While cream Persians aren’t as common as their darker-colored counterparts, they do have a certain cache thanks to their rarity.

Physical Characteristics

Cream Persians are very similar in size and build to a standard Persian cat, with one big difference—the cream colored coat.

An adult cream cat can weigh anywhere from 10–15 pounds when they are fully grown. With their luxurious coats and muscular bodies, they are truly majestic creatures.

One look at a cream Persian is enough to make it clear why they’re so popular. If you’re looking for something beautiful and unusual, there’s no better than this breed! But before you run out and purchase your own cream cat, there are some things you should know about them.

The cream Persian cat, also known as a pale or classic variety of cat, is considered by some to be one of purebred cats.

Cream Persians have a cream-colored coat with minimal shading; they are born white and develop color as they age.

The eyes are typically green, although blue and amber eyes can occur as well. The size of a cream Persian cat may vary depending on their ancestors; for example, many of today’s cats were bred from those living in Europe rather than Persia itself.

Personality Traits

One of the most striking aspects of cream Persians is their personality.

They are known for being sweet and affectionate. They tend to be perfect lap cats who enjoy spending time with their humans.

Despite their fluffy appearance, they don’t mind being a little rough with kids or other pets and will happily join in on family outings.

The cream Persian cat is a beautiful breed of cat that makes an excellent addition to any home.

They are affectionate, loyal and intelligent.

Cream Persians can be trained well but do require patience and consistency. When raised in a loving environment, they will build strong bonds with their family members.

A History of These Cats

Cream Persians are a relatively new variety of cat.

They have only been recognized since 1979, but since then they have grown in popularity and become one of most sought-after cat breeds.

Creams started with a single generation that had white and cream cats, which were considered outcasts by other Persians because they didn’t conform to their coloring standards.

Since then, they have gained popularity among show judges.

How They Interact With Kids

These cats are known for being gentle with children. They’re playful and affectionate without being too rough.

Just make sure that you take extra care when your child is handling a cream Persian cat, as any breed of cat can potentially scratch or bite if she feels like her safety is threatened.

Training Tips For Cream Persian Cats

Cream Persians are an especially docile breed, so it’s important to train them when they’re young.

This is due in part to their affectionate nature and desire for human companionship.

With proper training, they can adjust well to both quiet and active households. They do not require a lot of exercise—just a daily walk around your neighborhood should suffice.

Cream Persian Cat Coat Colors

The cream Persian cat is one of many colors of Persian cats, and is seen on both solid-colored and bi-colored cats.

The color comes from a recessive gene which can be either homozygous or heterozygous (meaning you can have both colors in one litter.) The gene has been inherited from Russian Blue ancestors.

It’s a relatively rare color. Because it’s recessive, it requires two copies of that gene—one from each parent—to produce cream kittens.

If only one parent carries it, there will be no cream kittens in that litter.

When bred together with other carriers of the cream gene, they will produce 25% cream kittens for each generation.

There are two different types of cream Persians: smoke cream and platinum cream. Smoke cream is lighter than platinum cream. Cream Persians typically cost more than non-cream ones because they are so much harder to find!

Are Cream Persian Cats Rare?

Cream Persians are far less common than their silver siblings. In fact, they’re so rare that there’s no official data on their population.

Some breeders report seeing more cream cats in recent years, but it may just be a skewed perception. The truth is, cream Persians have always been rare.

But don’t let rarity stop you from adding one of these gorgeous creatures to your family! There are plenty of cream-colored Persians out there—you just need to know where to look.

Most Common Persian Cat Colors

Cream Cats aren’t as common as many other cat colors, but they are lovely and highly sought after.

According to The International Cat Association (TICA), cream is one of only two recognized Persian cat colors in addition to classic (brown and beige) and shaded silver.

The second color is blue, which TICA reports has a slight bluish cast on its fur.

Cream cats have white coats with patches of brown or golden coloring; however, some can appear almost entirely white with just a few patches here and there.

Cream cats are often referred to as blues by breeders because their coloring looks similar to that of a Siamese cat.

The best way to determine whether your cream cat is actually a cream or if she’s simply an extremely light-colored Persian is to look at her eyes.

If your pet has any trace of blue in his eyes, he’s not a true cream—and he may actually be genetically closer to another breed altogether!


While there are many types of cats, from calico and tabby to white or black, one of the most rare breeds out there is a cream-colored Persian cat.

With their beautiful coat of soft fur and laid-back personality, it’s no wonder that Cream Persians are one of the most admired cat in the world.

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