Are you a cat lover? or do want to adopt a new cat or simply looking at beautiful cats? Then this article is for you.It lists the 10 most beautiful cats in the world!

Let’s discover them!

1.The Persian


He is definitely one of the most beautiful of all cats. And, with his amazing look, you get the impression that he knows it. The Persian is famous for his majestic and thick fur.

However, he is so lazy. He doesn’t move a lot which makes him one of the easiest cats to live with.

It’s quite simple, he spends his time sleeping, eating, and laying on his couch.

The Persian cat welcomes his parents with a quiet meow, but he mostly relies on his eyes to convey messages to you.

His thick coat, attractive face, and gentle and calm temperament make him one of the cutest cat worldwide.



The Bengal is a true miniature leopard. He is wonderful with his mottled coat and fawn-like appearance. But he is not a wild animal contrary to what many people believe.

This cat is sociable and playful that loves being with children and other pets.

Although a lot of breeders still are reluctant to pet this feline, he is actually very loving, affectionate, and sweet.

He is very athletic, that needs to jump, run, and move around to be happy. This cat is really a loyal pet that attaches very close to his family.

3.The British Shorthair


The British Shorthair is simply recognizable with his rounded eyes, wholly coat and apple-shapped head.

He is a quiet, affectionate and intelligent breed of cats that can easily adapts to different environments.

This cat is suitable for families with kids since he is an active pet that likes to play and move around the house.

The British Shorthair is a good cat for people who spend less time at home because , he doesn’t require much attention. But, still he is an affectionate and loving cat.

4.The Maine Coon


The Maine Coon is one of the most largest cats in the world.The females, on average, can weigh from 11-20lbs (5-9kg). Whereas, the males weigh 15-25lbs (6.8-11.34kg).

Although they are giant cats, they are not aggressive contrary to what a lot of people believe.

They have a dog-like loyalty and affection. Unlike many other cats,Maine Coons love to swim.

These pets are so obedient, that can quickly come to you when you call them.

They are sweet , gentle and active cats that can adapt to any environment as long as they have enough space to run and jump.
They are really like tamed lions.

5.The Siamese


The Siamese is an amazing cat with his sacred past and special appearance. He has cute eyes with intense azure blue.
This cat also has an apple-shaped head and a slightly chubby body with darker colors at the extremities.

He is one of the oldest Asian cats, so he is originated from Thailand, known as Siam.

These cats are known for being highly intelligent, sociable, and talkative. They have special voices and are more interactive than other cats.

A lot people describe Siamese as having a dog-like interest in playing, affection, and loyalty.

The Siamese are so gentle and loving which makes them great cats for families.

6.The Abyssinian


The Abyssinian is a cat with big ears, almond-shaped eyes, and a tawny coat. His special look makes him resemble a miniature puma.

This breed is believed to be originated from Abyssinia( known as Ethiopia now).

This cat is highly intelligent and curious that is always in need of stimulation. He also requires human care and attention to be happy.

The Abyssinian is an active cat that enjoys jumping and moving around. He is also a strong climber and will adore a small garden containing trees.

He will thrive just when surrounded by his humans and he will be also comfortable with other pets like dogs.

7.The Sacred Cat of Burma


The Sacred Cat of Burma, also known as the Birman Cat, is a considerably magnificent pet of striking beauty.
These kitties are characterized by a creamy, soft coat, piercing blue eyes, and attractive “gloves” on their paws.

The Birman looks like the Siamese breed with medium-size and color-pointed pattern. He has extraordinarly strong and muscular body compared to other cats.

This cat is thought to have originated in Burma land, where they consider him as a sacred animal. He was a loyal companion of the kittah-priests that lived in the mysterious areas of Tibet regions.

These breeds are loving, docile, and affectionate. They are also smart, friendly, and curious that require plenty of care and stimulation.



In recent years, many cat lovers are striving to get a miniaturized breed of wild big cats like lynxes, jaguars, lions, and so on. However, there is another cat species that people apparently wanted to “miniaturize”, that is the “panther”. As a result, the Bombay was created.

The Bombay cat breed is beautiful and affectionate, that actually looks like a small panther without being aggressive.

These breeds are friendly, energetic, and playful cats, which can even be easily pulled on a leash.

Bombay cats are tolerant towards other pets and friendly towards their humans. They have attractive and beautiful eyes which make them very special cats.

9.Russian Blue Cat


The Russian Blue cat is characterized by his softness, grace, and strength. His brilliant green eyes and splendid blue-grey coat makes him stand out as one of the most beautiful cats ever.

This cat seems to be larger than he really is, because of his heavy and soft doubled coat. He also has a triangular-shaped head, big ears, wide forehead, and straight nose making him a unique breed.

This breed is gentle, loyal that will like to follow you wherever you go. He will also greet you at the entrance of your house.

These cats are so loving that require more affection from their owners whom they can cuddle for hours since nothing is crucial to them than their parents.

10.The Turkish Angora


The Turkish Angora has a dazzling white fur and long beautiful hair making her so alluring and cute. However, white is the common color you will notice in this breed, but you may also come across this cat in many different colors.

She has a strong, firm, and muscular body covered with a silky and charming coat showing exceptional beauty.

This breed is so elegant, intelligent, and athletic that requires more activities and playing even when she grows older, she will keep the kittenlike playfulness.

The Turkish Angora is an affectionate, sweet, and loving breed of cats that builds a strong bond of love with her family.

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