Persian cats and nutrition

A lot of people like cats in general and Persians in particular. They are long-haired with twinkling eyes and beautiful body shape.

When people brought home these cats, they need to get enough information about how to keep them healthy.

Therefore, the important part of a pet’s health is knowing how to feed her properly.

Pet owners have a wide variety of choices concerning the food and nutrition for their breeds. But, not all that you may provide your pet is healthy for her.

There may be even some food that may be risky for your animal that you should always avoid.
In this article, I will try to answer the question of whether Persian cats can eat eggs safely.

Can Persian cats eat eggs

First, you should know that eggs are full of protein and amino acids which are necessary for Persians.

The protein in eggs is easy to digest, and amino acids are important for cats to keep lean muscles.

Eggs also contain minerals, vitamins, and many other nutrients that help your Persian cat maintain good health.

They are also more crucial for helping Persians that suffer from malnourishment and underweight to gain extra weight.

However, do not forget that eggs should not be served in every meal; eggs must be used in moderation, otherwise, they may affect your cat negatively.

There are many cases where eggs can be harmful to your cat, then, taking your veterinarian’s advice into account is substantial.

Can Persian cats eat raw eggs?

Eggs should be served to your cat only if they are cooked because raw eggs maybe a harbor for bacteria like salmonella and e. Coli.

In addition, the raw egg whites contain avidin protein, which blocks the absorption of vitamin B in your feline. This is not dangerous but can cause some skin problems.

These issues can be avoided by just feeding your Persian only cooked eggs.

The reasons for giving your Persian cat eggs

Cats are carnivore animals. Therefore, any food that contains protein and amino acids is good for their health.

Eggs are delicious and a great source of nutritional elements. Hence, it is a good foodstuff for your cat’s health.

Cats thrive and develop good health when they get high-quality nutrition. Accordingly, eggs are part of this good food for your cat.

Here are the nutritional elements which eggs contain and that are important for your pet’s health :

  • Amino acids
  • Natural fat
  • Riboflavin
  • Vitamins A, D, E, B12, and K
  • Thiamine
  • Lysine and other necessary proteins
  • Iron, zinc, calcium, and various other vital minerals

An egg will provide essential nutrients that cats need. However, you should not serve eggs on a daily basis.

Your cat may eat both egg white and egg yolk, but, generally, the white part of an egg is the best source of protein since it contains few calories. while egg york carries fats, cholesterol, and the bulk of the overall calories.

It’s worth noting that not only adult Persians can eat eggs but also Persian kittens can. Yet, do not forget to contact your vet if you have any queries concerning your kitty’s nutrition and health.

How should eggs be cooked for your Persians?

There are many ways to prepare eggs for your cats. Here are some of them :

  • Omelet
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Baked eggs
  • Poached eggs

Before giving your cats eggs, check that all the shells are totally removed and the eggs are completely cooked.

Giving eggs to your Persian with moderation is important to benefit from their nutritional elements rather harming your felines if they overeat them.

The amount of egg your Persian cat needs to eat should not exceed 10 percent of her daily calories, and since an egg contains approximately 90 calories, the quantity of egg you feed her with should be very small.

Other questions

How many times a day should you feed your Persian cat?

It is well-known that kittens need more nourishment than grown-up cats, then , you must feed your kitty three times a day until they become adult.

Once your cat reaches maturity, then your should feed her twice a day.

Persians are inactive and lazy cats, so if you provide more than essential food, they will gain unnecessary weight which may affect their health.

Do Persians require special food?

Persians are like other cats so they do not need any special food.
All they require is high-quality food that contains all the necessary nutritional elements for getting good health.

Conclusion :

Nutrition is so important for your Persian’s health. Eggs are one of the relevant nutritional elements your feline needs.

But try to cook it well before feeding your cat. However, do not hesitate to contact your vet if you notice any issues concerning your pet’s diet and health.


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