The Persian cat is one of the most elegant and majestic pets in his look. It is well-known and appreciated by people all over the world. These animals have cute fur and flat snout and they have also an affectionate and calm personality.

Persians need regular care due to their morphological features. If you decide to adopt one, you should take into consideration that they require your attention, love, and much of your time.

In this article, we will show clearly what you must know about caring for your lovely Persian pet.

Caring for a Persian cat’s fur

The Persian cat has abundant and long fur that requires daily care. To brush him, You can use a flat brush with plastic bristles or a metal one so as not to injure their soft skin.

However, you should bear in mind that your cat is already accustomed to brushing at an early age. Thus, brushing will make them more relaxed.

While removing the tangles and knots, you will notice that the cat will lose an amount of hair during this process. So, make sure you brush softly to avoid excessive loss of the cat’s hair.

It is well-known that all cats lick themselves to stay clean.

But, Sometimes, Persians may swallow some of their dead hair which may make them liable to trichobezoars (Known also as hairball )which affects the intestinal tract.

The cat may vomit the hairball otherwise, it will cause an intestinal blockage which causes a real danger for the cat’s health. Therefore, constant care will alleviate a lot of risks.

In addition, Persian cats are famous for their enormous hair, but it may become a nest for fleas if not maintained well. However, try to develop a habitual routine of care for your pet to guarantee his health and well-being.

Caring for a Persian cat’s eyes

Persian cats are characterized by teary eyes. lacrimation amount varies from cat breeds to another and it differs also depending on the season.

However, It must be cleaned constantly with a soft toilet paper or a cotton pad dipped in clean water.

To clean your Persian cats’eyes, put the soft paper under the tear duct, smoothly remove the secretions gathered around and below the eyes. After, dry with a clean and soft paper.

Use a paper for each eye in order not to carry micro-organisms and dirt from one eye to another.

It is crucial to keep a regular routine of cleaning your pet’s eyes. Otherwise, the lacrimation will increase and form a real danger for the cat’s eyes.

Caring for a Persian cat’s ears

Cleaning your cat’s ears is very important for his health and well-being. Regular cleaning will help to avoid ear infections that may not be noticed which can harm the cat.

So to proceed, grip the top part of the ear and kindly turn the ear flap inside to be able to see the interior part. then use a cotton swab to get rid of the dirt.

If you notice that the ear is clean, it is needless to clean it again. But, If you observe any infections, you should immediately take your cat to the veterinarian for a checkup.

Caring for a Persian cat’s claws

Like eyes and ears, Persian’s claws also require frequent care. So, trimming your cat’s claws is vital. However, you should bear in mind that your pet is already accustomed to it; otherwise, you will experience difficulty doing so.

Choose the best moments because you can not trim them any time you want. Wait for a suitable opportunity when your cat is happy and relaxed.

You should also prepare your pet psychologically and physically via petting and messaging before beginning any nails cutting.

The more time you spend caring for you lovely Persian, the better his health will become. So, do not hesitate to allocate enough time for your pet.


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