Persian cats are funny animals, and sometimes they do things that you may not understand. Did you know that it is a proven fact that Persian cats like to sleep next to their owners? Specifically, if the cat has a choice, she will prefer to sleep on top of you every night.

There are many reasons why your Persian cat sleeps on your feet, and if you are a cat lover, you should know these reasons.

So, read on to learn more about why Persian felines like to sleep on your feet by looking at the specifics of this cat behavior.

Persian Cat Survival

On average, a Persian cat can weigh between 7-12 lb (3.2-5.4 kg). which means she wants to sleep with someone who weighs at least 10-13 times her own weight.

So, if a sensible Persian cat wants to survive without being attacked in the middle of the night, she will naturally prefer to sleep in the safety of your feet. In that place, there is less weight and the chances of escape are easier and greater.

In fact, as Persian cats grow older, they develop the habit of moving to any part of your body (head or feet), but usually, Persian kittens sleep on the chest of their preferred sleeping partner.

Persian Kitties prefer to sleep on the chest of their parents because they can feel the heart beating, which in turn makes them feel protected. This is reminiscent of mothers and the nursing period.

However, Persian cats learn and adapt by learning to move and turn in their sleep while humans sleep. This explains one of the main reasons why These cats prefer to sleep with you.

Persian Cat Protection

When a Persian cat is asleep, she understands that her guard is down. Therefore, when danger arises, Persian cats prefer to lie down next to you and wake you up without hesitation to protect you or warn you of any possible danger.

You may also notice that your Persian cat sometimes sleeps with her back opposite to something. In this way, your furry friend feels she is in a better position to respond properly to risks and is more protected.

A white Persian cat on the bed

Persian Cats Like Routines

Did you know that Persian cats like routines? If your alarm clock doesn’t wake you up, your Persian cat will. Asleep at your feet, they will notice that it is time to get up, come up to your face, rub up against you, and meow.

Persian cats like to have no surprises in their daily lives. This means that if you wake up every morning at 7:00 a.m., they will recognize the habit and try to follow it. You may find that if you are sick in bed, your Persian feline will often stay with you and keep your company.

Persian Feline instincts

Persian cats are territorial, possessive, and social animals.

Every inch of their home is their territory. That’s why kittens are eager to explore every corner of their new home from infancy.

Like all animals, Persian cats have an instinct for understanding their territory and habitat. They need to realize everything around them to feel secure and safe.

Persian cats are pack animals and will show affection to any family member. They will play, try to get attention, and have everyone in the family pet them. However, it is normal to like some people more than others, and these are the people your Persian cat prefers to sleep with the most.

If your kitty likes to sleep on the feet of a certain person in the family, it’s because that person is her favorite.

Persian cats sleeping at your feet: more than you think

Naturally, you might think that Persian cats sleep at your feet because they love you and want to be with you. While this may be partially true, it is not always the case.

In your Persian cat’s mind, it is often you who is sleeping at her feet. She lets you sleep by her because you live in her territory and she recognizes you.

In addition to the fact that Persian cats like to sleep on you or lie down next to you: they show their affection and trust by licking you. All cats are very hygienic and will carefully trim and wash themselves with their tongues. When your cat licks you, it means that it is trying to purify you by treating you as her own friend.

If you bring a new cat into your home, especially if she is another breed, the cat will most likely be unhappy for a while.

This unhappiness can manifest itself in the form of aggression, isolation, and neglect. Some Persian cats may even prefer to sleep away from you for a while.

If this is the case, give equal attention to both cats and make sure they are properly socialized with each other. Eventually, the old cat will get to know the new one, and things will settle down and get back to normal.

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