How do you know if there is an issue with your Persian cat’s sleeping habits? This article will let you understand why your cats sleep too much and how many hours a day Persian cats must sleep normally.

On the window, the kitchen cupboard, on the bed, near the computer, on your body…..what do all these places represent to your cat? If you have cats at home, you will surely get the answer: these are some of the favorite places for your Persian cats to sleep.

But, do you wonder why your kitty spends most of his time sleeping? cats sleep and rest between 15 to 20 hours every day.

However, you may have some concerns about your feline’s sleeping habits. So, here are seven common reasons that reflect your cat’s excessive sleeping and whether he has a normal sleeping pattern or not.

1. Your Persian kitty may be nocturnal

Some cats stay up at night playing and hunting, therefore they will automatically sleep a lot during the day.

Cats in the wilderness are whether nocturnal or crepuscular(cats that are active in the morning or evening).

However, Persians are like most domesticated cats which have humanlike schedules, which means sleeping all over the night and staying active during the daytime.

But, your Persian feline may follow his wild ancestor’s routines, who become predators every night and have some sleep and rest on the day.

2. Your Persian cat may be conserving energy

As they are predators, cats require a lot of energy to attack their prey and also to play and move around.

Cats may also undergo some dangers from other harmful animals like big snakes. Thus, they need more energy either to defend themselves or to flee from risky situations.

3. Maybe your cat is not sleeping

You should not consider all of your cat’s sleep as very deep sleep. A Persian cat may only have a rest by taking a short nap.

The cat may close his eyes partially or completely, but he may still have his tail and ears moving from time to time.

He is possibly enjoying the quiet environment, but ready to react to anything hurting or threatening them.

A persian cat sleeping

4. Your Persian feline may be bored

When they have nothing to do, pets may sleep sometimes. There are many ways that can help your cat stay active.

For example, you can bring some climbing shelves or create some spaces designed for cats to play in.

You may also bring some toys which may keep your cat busy. It’s worth mentioning, that cats may prefer certain toys over others, then it’s up to you to check what your kitty prefers to play with.

Purchasing the right toy will help your furry friend get rid of boredom.

5. Your Persian feline may be stressed

When you notice that your cat becomes less active and hide a lot, this may be a sign that your Persian cat is scared or stressed.

If the cat tries to hide from the members of your family but enjoys only your presence, then he may be anxious and stressed.

Thus, he may resort to sleeping as a reaction to stress. Therefore, it’s necessary to contact your veterinary. He will help deal with the issue or refer you to a qualified cat behaviorist.

6. Your Persian may be uncomfortable or sick

Cats tend to be less active and start to hide when they are not well or sick. If you notice that your Persian cat spends most of his time in a specific corner or place in the house, he may be uncomfortable and feeling pain.

Obese cats may not be able to move around easily since they feel pain when moving. Being overweight is a dangerous issue that may cause pain to cats when they move.

Obesity may also cause endocrine diseases that need lifelong treatment. If you want to make sure your cat does not suffer from any illness, an appointment with your vet will solve the problem.

7. Maybe your Persian cat need to sleep more

As you need to sleep to renew your energy and refresh your body, your Persian cat also requires the same.

Enough sleep will help your cat boost his immune system and improve his overall health.

Cats do realize the importance of sleep more than we do. They invest more time sleeping to refresh themselves and to get ready for daily activities.

You may realize that your cat sleeps so much only because you don’t sleep sufficiently.

So, don’t worry if your cat sleeps up to 20 hours daily. It’s normal in a cat’s world to do so.

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