There are hundreds of cat breeds across the world. For many reasons, a lot of these breeds are threatened with becoming endangered and even extinct.

But, with internet technology, it becomes easy to raise people’s awareness so as keep the rarest cat breeds alive.

If you want to adopt cats that will get much attention while being with them outside, these unique breeds of cats will achieve the goal.

Below we have compiled a list of the 12 rarest cat breeds in the world.

We bet you’ve never heard of some of these cat breeds.



In the last years, many cat lovers aspire to the miniaturized breed of wild big cats such as bobcats, lynxes, jaguars, lions, and so on.

Yet, there is another type of cats that people have obviously desired to “miniaturize” which is ‘the panther’. As a result, the Bombay was breed.

The Bombay breed of cats is rare, however, they actually look like a small version of the panther without having aggressive traits. These breeds are friendly cats that you can even be leash-train easily.

Bombay cats are tolerant of other pets and kind to human beings. They have alluring and beautiful eyes. They are very special cats.

2.Egyptian Mau


These cats have a very special ‘musical’ voice, which is a good quality for cat lovers who do not tolerate the annoying ‘meow’ every time.

Mau is one of the most active and athletic cats. These beautiful cats can leap six feet in the air and run approximately 30 miles per hour.

They are energetic cats that need daily activities and movements to unleash their pent-up energy.

Their personality is gentle and affectionate which makes them among the most preferred pets worldwide.

But the number of this category of cats is limited which makes getting one of them very hard and expensive. They are a very rare breed of cats.

3.Turkish Van


This cat deserves a special place on this list because of his/her uncommon personality and fur.

People who have been raising cats are accustomed to never see cats bathing on the water since only wild cats could swim in the water.

However, when it comes to these cats, this rule is totally wrong. This feline is called the “swimming cat” because of his/her love for swimming.

You may want to know why this cat loves swimming. The answer is that these cats have water-resistant fur which many people thought was impossible for cats.

Their fur is so unique because it doesn’t mat.
They were restricted by the Turkish government to go out of Turkey for breeding purposes.
If you find one somewhere, you are a lucky person.

4.British Shorthair


Cats are famous for living long lives and have been around for a long time. However, the Shorthair is one of the oldest cats ever.

These felines are the most pedigreed breeds in the United Kingdom.
They have many qualities that make people so attached to them.

They are so big with copper eyes that are intimidating and piercing.
You can find this breed in a variety of color patterns but the famous ones are the blue-gray combination.

The British Shorthair is a friendly cat to keep as a pet since she/he is kind, easygoing, and passionate. He/she is also a loving and loyal cat that will connect easily to you and all your family members.

5.California Spangled


This cat was developed in the USA by the anthropologist Louis Leaky and animal activist Paul Casey.

Their intent was to breed a cat that will look like the leopard.
They wanted to make people aware of leopard poaching by making people breed a cat similar to that wild big cat.

These men did a great job. But, unfortunately, the number of these cats has dramatically decreased which makes them liable to become endangered.

California spangled cats are known to be gentle , loving and sociable. They enjoy spending much time with their parents.

Frankly speaking, If there are not any serious initiatives to save this cat, we may wake up one day and discover that these beautiful looking cats become extinct.

6.Geoffroy’s Cat


Geoffroy’s Cats are not a breed that was developed by a person but they are a whole species.
These wonderful cats are one of the smallest cats in the world that measure just eight pounds max when they are fully grown.

Geoffroy’s Cats live in Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay.
They survive more in a habitat between sea level and 3800 meters (2.36 Miles) altitude.
They are able to adapt to cold as well as hot climate. The Geoffroy has been described as a good swimmer because they been have observed crossing fast-flowing rivers many times.

People have a special interest in this breed, that’s why they use it to breed a type of Safari cat. In addition, some tried to make him a pet.

Obtaining a Geoffrey is very difficult since their whole species are regulated against trade.



This breed should not be confused with his cousin the Ragdoll. The two are different breeds of cats. Although his history is not clear, he is probably created by crossing longhaired breeds like Persians, Turkish Angoras, and Birmans, in addition to street cats.

The Ragamuffin has a soft and silky coat that is so easy to groom. Some people need daily care and grooming for their cat’s coat, but you will not face this issue if you pet this feline.

This cat weighs between 9 and 18 pounds which makes him a suitable cat for any home environment.

The Ragamuffin is a sociable cat that greets guests at the entrance of the home with a cheerful meow. He also follows his family wherever they go.
He is tolerant of other pets and can get along with visitors.

All these qualities make the Ragamuffin as the best pet and companion.



In order to develop a breed that is similar to the wild African serval, the conservation biologist, Karen Sausman decided to breed a Bengal and an Oriental Shorthair to achieve the planned result.

This crossing created a charming, leopard-like cat with special markings and mild traits.
Serengeti is usually correlated with the Savannah, however, the former has no wild temperament.

This breed was first developed in 1994 and registered by the International Cat Association among “developing breeds”.

This cat is medium-sized. Males can weigh between 9 to 16 pounds; whereas, females may weigh from 8 to 12 pounds.

Serengeti is a confident, friendly, and highly energetic cat. These cats may seem a little bit shy when they arrive home for the first time, but, they quickly get along with you and your family, and develop a strong relationship that makes them devoted companions.

9.The Norwegian Forest Cat


The Norwegian Forest Cat has an amazing story that may interest you. This cat is very famous in Europe.

But, amid World War Two, this breed was about to extinct. Fortunately, through the efforts of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club, this feline was able to survive.

They are very big cats. Their males can weigh between 12 to 23 pounds; while females can weigh between 9 to 13 pounds.

The wegie (short for The Norwegian Forest Cat) is known to mature very slowly, and they are not fully grown until they reach 5 years of age.

These felines are friendly and gentle. They are the right breed for people who spend less time at home because they are able to entertain themselves using toys or whatever.

The Norwegian Forest Cats like people but when it comes to strangers, they are a little bit reserved.

These amazing cats rarely use their voice, unless they feel that they are ignored or they need food.

They are intelligent, autonomous cats that can learn quickly.



The Korat is a symbol of good luck in his original country of Thailand. The silver-blue cat with the shiny emerald-green eyes dates back to the fourteenth century considering his depiction in ancient literature.

This breed was given as a gift for people visiting Thailand. He was also given to the brides as a representation of future prosperity and fertility.

The name Korat comes from the place in northeast Thailand where the cat was originated from.

Korat was first imported to the USA in 1959. They were brought by an American couple after their retirement in Thailand.
The Cat Fanciers Association identified the breed in 1967.

They are medium-sized cats that weigh between 6 to 12 pounds.

This cat is smart and friendly who get along with visitors. He will get attached to one or two people in the family whom he spends the most time with, but he will surely enjoy being with the other members of your sweet family.



Peterbald was developed in 1994 when a Russian breeder called Olga S. Mironova crossed a Don Sphynx with an Oriental Shorthair cat.

The result of this crossing is what we know today as Peterbald which becomes so popular across the world.

This cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association(CFA). But, it is still considered a rare purebred.

Peterbald gets some characteristics from the Don Sphynx such as dexterous front paws, varying amounts of hair, and the skin.

This feline retains his long body and head shape from the Oriental Shorthair.
These cats have special long front toes which help them manipulate objects and toys easily.

He is a friendly, affectionate, and intelligent that may understand you more than other cats.

Peterbald cats are known for their unique personality which is similar to that of dogs. They enjoy being with people, other cats, and dogs too.
These pets are typically adventurous and curious cats and like to spend time with kids.

Peterbald is the perfect cat for people who enjoy attention, love, and care.



Servals are from Africa but are quite popular in the USA. Their look is the same as the Chetaahs but their tail is a little bit shorter.

They can best hunt in places near water where they can easily hide and attack the prey quickly.

They prefer to stay solitary in the wilderness where they cover their own territory of 6 to 14 square miles.
Unlike many other exotic cats, African Serval is not among the endangered species.

Servals have very long legs compared to other cats. They are excellent at jumping and digging on the ground.

They can efficiently catch birds over eight or nine feet in the air which make them successful hunters.

Servals have been crossing with some domestic cats producing hybrid cats such as the Savannah cat.
A Savannah cat looks like the serval but he is more tamer and easy to care for.

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