Cats are wonderful animals that bring love, affection, and happiness to people. Today, there are about 100 officially recognized breeds of cats, but we probably don’t know a lot of them, except being an expert in the field.

In this article , we are not going to show you all the cat breeds that exist, but something more, the 10 strangest cats in the world! The ones that, due to their physical appearances, stand out from the rest of the breeds and are specifically unique.

If you want to adopt an unusual looking cat, here you will discover the 10 strangest cats in the world.

We bet you have never heard of one or some of them.


LaPerm is One of the strangest cats in the world. He is a breed native to Oregon, USA, named for his long and curly coat (as if he had a “perm”).

The first recognized LaPerm cat was born hairless and female, but after a few months, she developed a curly, silky coat because of a mutation produced by a dominant gene.

The interesting thing is that now nearly all males of this breed are born hairless and many others lose hair and shed several times during their lives.

These cats are sociable, calm, and very affectionate towards humans, they are curious and very friendly.



Another one of the strangest cats in the world and internationally best known is the Sphynx cat, which is characterized by the fact that she has no coat.

Although this idea is not correct at all, because the Sphynx actually has a very thin and short coat, which is hardly noticeable with the naked eye and by human touch.

Apart from the shortage of hair, the Sphynx breed is characterized by a strong body and big eyes, which are even more visible due to their bald head.

These cats are the result of a natural mutation and have a mischievous, outgoing, and loyal character towards their humans, but they are also sociable, energetic, and loving.


3.Exotic Short Hair

The Exotic Shorthair or exotic cat is also considered one of the strangest cats in the world.

This cat developed from the cross between a British and an American shorthair. This feline has the appearance of a Persian cat but with short hair.

He is strong, compact, and with a rounded body. Due to his big eyes, short and flat nose, and small ears, the exotic cat has a tender and cute facial expression, he may sometimes even look sad.

He has a short and dense coat, yet, he requires frequent care.

This cat does not shed so much, so he is suitable for people with allergies.

The Exotic Shorthair has a quiet, lovely, loyal, and affectionate personality, similar to the Persian cat, but these cute cats are more curious, energetic, and active.


4.Elf Cat

Going on with the strangest cats worldwide, let’s talk about the Elf cat, which doesn’t have fur, but, he is very intelligent.

These breeds of cats are named so because of their great resemblance to this mythical creature. They came out from crossing the Sphynx cat and the American curl some years ago.

As they are hairless, Elf cats require to bathe more frequently than other cats. Besides, they cannot tolerate being in the sun for a long time.

They are very outgoing, social, and gentle at the same time.


5.The Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is among the rarest cats in the world that comes from Scotland, as his name indicates.

This breed was not officially recognized until 1974, but mating between members of this breed has recently been banned by the British Veterinary Association due to the numerous serious bone abnormalities that occur when breeding.

These felines have a genetic mutation that affects their cartilage.

This issue can also attack Arthritis. However many breeders think that if the Scottish fold crosses the American or British short hair, this problem will not occur.

But, the British Veterinary Association still claims that all cats with bent ears suffer from this mutation.

The Scottish Fold cat has a special looking. He is medium-sized and has a rounded head, large rounded eyes. He has also very small ears that are folded forward, making him look like an owl.

In addition, these cats have thick tails and rounded paws which make them notable.

The Scottish Fold has a short coat but without a specific color. They have a strong hunting instinct, but even so, they are very friendly and easy to adapt to new environments and places.


6.Ukrainian Levkoy

Another of the strangest cats in the world is the Ukrainian Levkoy, a medium-sized cat with an elegant appearance. Their main features are the lack of hair or the existence of a small amount of it.

He has bent ears, large almond-shaped eyes with bright colors, a long, flat head, and an angular profile.

This breed of cat has an affectionate, sociable, and intelligent temperament.

He was emerged a few years ago, exactly in 2004, due to crossing a female Sphynx with a male with bent ears developed by Elena Biriukova in Ukraine.

Thus, they are mostly found in that country and in Russia.

The Ukrainian Levkoys are playful, loyal, and friendly. They enjoy human company as well as the company of other pets.


7.Savannah cat

The Savannah cat, also famous for Ashera, is one of the strangest cats in the world. This genetically manipulated hybrid cat was emerged by crossing a domestic cat with an African serval.

She has a very exotic appearance similar to that of a leopard. She also gets many features and instincts that are similar to that of her wild ancestors.

However, like other hybrid felines, such as the liger and the tigon. Their body is large and muscular, with large ears and long legs.

Savannah cats’ fur has black stripes and patches like those of big cats. They are among the largest breeds worldwide.

People still argue whether the domestication of Savannah cats is possible, because besides keeping many characteristics of their ancestors, as we mentioned before, they need a lot of space to move and can jump up to more than 2 meters high.

They may also become aggressive when they reach adulthood, so unfortunately there is a high possibility of getting abandoned by their owners once they reach this period.

However, If you train and care for them well, they will surely be very loyal and friendly cats.



We have also added this breed to the list of the strangest cats in the world. the Peterbald cat was created in 1974. He is a medium-sized breed from Russia.

This cat appeared as a result of crossing a Donskoi with an Oriental shorthair cat.

They do not have hair at all. They have long bat ears, oval and long legs, and a wedge-shaped muzzle.

They have a thin and elegant build. These cats are sometimes confused with the Egyptian Cat or the Sphynx.

Unlike other animals, Peterbald doesn’t have a belly which makes him so unique breed of cats.

Peterbald cats have a peaceful temperament and are curious, intelligent, active, and very friendly, but they are also dependent and demand much affection from their owners.

These cats are very cute, affectionate, and inquisitive. They are well-known for their dog-like loyal temperament towards their loved humans.

If you pet one of these cats, expect them to follow you at home wherever you go. They will enjoy being near you as much as possible.



Continuing with our list of of the strangest cats in the world.Now we will talk about the Munchkin.

He is a medium-sized cat with shorter legs than normal due to a natural genetic mutation, which makes him as a sausage dog.

in fact, he is one of the smallest cats in the world. Nevertheless, he can easily jump and run like all other cats.

However, this breed does not usually develop known spinal problems that are related to this type of build.

Munchkin have larger hind legs than the front legs, but are agile, active, playful.

Male Munchkins can weigh between 6 and 9 pounds(3-4 kg) and are usually larger than females that can weigh between 4 and 8 pounds ( 2-3.6 kg).

These cats are easily trained, active, and intelligent. They are very suitable for indoor life and they are perfect for great family pets.


10.Cornish Rex

We have lastly added the Cornish rex as one of the strangest cats in the world. He was emerged due to a spontaneous genetic mutation.

This mutation occurred in the 1950’s in southwestern England, so he was called Cornish rex.

He has a short, dense, and silky wavy coat on the back.

Cornish Rex has also a muscular, slim body and fine bones. This breed can appear in different colors. He does not need much grooming thanks to his smooth coat.

These cats are very intelligent, affectionate, and independent. They will love to play with your children.


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