It is well-known that Persian cats are friendly and loved pets all over the world.

These special cats can quickly make you fall in love with them through their beautiful bodies and sweet temperament.

If you have already had a Persian feline, The following qualities about this cat won’t surprise you.

Read this article to figure out some amazing facts that focus on the friendliness of this fury friend.

1.An office friend

When you are busy with your work, but suddenly you get interrupted by your friendly kitty forcing you to stop.

Persian cats will love to stay by your side while doing your business on the desk.

However, your cat may be a good source of motivation while working since they make you feel most affectionate and happy.

Although, they may sleep on the keyboard and walk in front of the screen, They surely make the work environment most enjoyable.

2.Persian cats give good morning energy

When you wake up early in the morning. You may not feel good. But, your Persian kitty can make you feel so enthusiastic and happy.

Cat’s beautiful eyes, affect people’s emotions positively. They can easily change your state of mind from sadness to delight.

Your furry friend can even help you wake up early when he comes to you meowing for food.

Cute and friendly Persian cats

3.They welcome you home

When you spend a busy workday outside and then go back home. You will find that your kitty is so happy to welcome you.

That true love and affection will certainly make you forget the whole tiring tasks you have performed throughout the day.

Cats may express their happiness through thrilling and purring. They can also rub their head and bump their body against your legs.

4.They get on well with dogs

Many people wonder about how Persian cats deal with dogs.

To answer this question, we need to take into account the type of dogs. Because you know for sure that Persians are quiet pets that love less activity.

As long as the dog will not disrupt their way of life, Persian felines will automatically have a good relationship with him.

Make sure to consider the dog’s temper before bringing him home to accompany your cat.

If he doesn’t annoy the cat through barking, or other irritating activities, they will live together happily and peacefully.

5.Persian cats are kid tolerant cats

As they have a sweet nature, lovely attitude, and affectionate personality, these cats are so amazing for kids.

They will love to play and spend time with your children.

But, make sure to teach your kids the right way to touch and play with the kitties in order not to harm them unintentionally.

Persians are extremely gentle, but when they feel threatened or hurt, they may react in an unexpectedly bad way.

6.They love other animals

As they get on well with dogs, Persian cats can only enjoy the company of various animals.

Their calm personality makes it easy for any new pet to get along with them.

However, you should introduce the new pet to your Persian cat appropriately so as to avoid possible problems.

Try to separate the pets for the first few days through a gate. And gradually make them discover each other by petting both animals.

By playing with your animal friends you will set the perfect scene for them to interact with and get accustomed to each other.

7.They Won’t fight for food

Persian cats are famous for their calm personality. So, it’s really rare to see one of these cats fighting especially for food.

If you have more than a cat or other pets, it’s common to notice their frequent fight for food. However, Persian felines are an exception.

Some pets may even resort to aggression to protect their own food. But to avoid such cases, you need to feed your pets in separate bowls and places.

8.They may enjoy leash walking

It’s less common for people to leash walking their cats than they do with their dogs.

However, cats are like dogs, they can learn various tricks but they need training and patience.

Some people assume that you can only train little kittens to leash walk. However, some studies showed that cats can be trained under any age. You have just to be willing to endure and persistent.

Try to form a good relationship with your Persian kitty. Then you can invest in a good harness that won’t harm your feline.

Thus, it will be a good opportunity for you and your cat to exercise outdoor and to enjoy the environment outside.

9.They sleep a lot

Like all other cats, Persian felines love to take constant naps throughout the day.

But, their sleep is not in vain, they need to renew their energy and refresh their bodies.

But, don’t worry if your kitty sleeps a lot in the mornings and afternoons, because some cats are nocturnal. They may stay active at night playing and hunting.

However, some cats resort to sleep when they feel more stressed and bored. Then, it’s up to you to realize the real reasons for your cat’s nap so as solve any possible problems.

10.They are indoor cats

Persian cats love to spend most of their time at home since they are less active.

So, you won’t worry about coming home and discovering that your kitty is not out there in the house.

Persian felines have long and thick coats that may easily mat if they wander outside.

Therefore, it is a good thing to stay home to make it easy for you in the grooming task.

These cats are predisposed to get fungal infections outside as well as respiratory diseases.

They are docile and friendly felines that can’t defend themselves against dangerous cats, dogs, and other animals.

11.They are the cutest cats ever

If you are a cat person, you may love all breeds of cats. But, Persian cats have a special beauty and amazing physical characteristics.

They are unquestionably the cutest cats all over the world.

Persians are adorable because of their flat faces, round eyes, and drooping jowls.

You may just look at some photos of these sweet kitties to get captivated by a bundle of concentrated cuteness.

These incredible cats can surely make your life full of happiness, love, and affection.


From all that we have presented in this article, you can realize why Persian cats have earned this amazing reputation.

Therefore, owning a Persian feline is the best choice every cat lover can do.

If you are looking for a sweet, adorable, and cute kitty, get a Persian pet and you will understand the real meaning of lifelong friendship between animals and humans.

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