With hundreds of Persian kittens available for sale nationwide on various online forums, it can be tempting not to buy/adopt from registered Persian cat breeders.

Registered Persian cat breeders check their breeding cats for genetic medical problems before breeding them.

Do not bring home a kitten under 12 weeks of age. Breeders must provide kitten registration certificates, medical history, dietary requirements, vaccination history, and pedigree status.

Make sure that the breeder is registered with the major cat organizations, such as TICA.

Choosing a kitten or cat is an emotional experience.

It is easy to find an adorable Persian kitty online that is not sold by a registered breeder; that is immediately available, and hand over your money. But before you do, consider this!

Buying a Persian cat is a big financial decision. Then, you need to make sure you do it right the first time.

If you don’t invest time in advance to find suitable registered Persian cats breeders; you could end up with large veterinary expenses that you didn’t account for.

Persian Cat Breeders Near me

Finding the right Persian breeder is not always an easy task. So, How can you find a registered breeder? Who should you trust? How do you know if the breeder is truly registered or not?

To make things easier for you, the table below contains Persian cat breeders registered with :

  • TICA
  • The International Cat Association

Please note that neither TICA nor our website recommends any of these listed breeders, their products, or their services.

This list summarizes only those vendors who have gone the extra mile to register as Persian cat breeders.

USA Southern California
Cleokat Persianswww.cleokat.com
USA Northern California
Bella Miawww.bellamiacattery.com
Beaukit Catterywww.beaukit.com
Agape Persianswww.agapepersian.com
USA Southern Calofornia
Exotic Denwww.exoticden.com
USA California
Dazzle Mwww.dazzle-m.com
USA Pennsylvania
Cuddle Pawswww.cuddlepaws.com
USA California
Rarabreed Catterywww.rarebreedcattery.com
Meow Housewww.mewhousekittens.com
Windy Valley Persianswww.windyvalleypersians.com
USA Pennsylvania
Sybil Persianswww.sybilcats.com
Shadow Oak Persianswww.shadowoakpersians.com
RB Cat Housewww.persianbabys.com
Gemkin Persianswww.gemkinpersians.com
Caszan Persianswww.caszan.co.uk
Palchinno Persianswww.palchinnopersians.co.uk

Benefits of Using Registered Persian Cat Breeder

The Persian cat is among the famous breed of cats in North America.

There are so many things to love about this breed, including their amazing looks, sweet nature, beautiful coat, large, long, thick tail. They have also a gentle temperament, calm behavior, and overly affectionate nature.

All of these factors combined together make the Persian cat an extremely popular breed of cats.

Actually, in the United States, the Persian cat is considered one of the most loved cat breeds.

Persian cats are not cheap, however, costing an average of $1200 per kitten.

Some Persian felines sell for as much as $2,600 to owners who are interested in purchasing high-quality purebred Persian show cats.

With their growing popularity and high pedigree prices, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that many Persian cat breeders have flooded the market.

These breeders hope to make quick money and will immediately disappear if there are any complaints from customers.

Some are not officially registered as Persian cat breeders and are only interested in producing as many kittens as possible so they can sell them for big profits.

The increase in the number of overnight breeders has led to the sale of Persian kittens with:

  • incorrect pedigree papers
  • Mixed Lineages
  • genetic defects
  • without the recommended medical vaccinations

It is therefore important to buy your Persian kitten only from registered breeders.
Thus, you will increase your chances of buying a healthy and purebred Persian kitten.

Why you Should Buy from Registered Persian Cats Breeders

Still, wondering why you should go to a registered Persian cat breeder? Here are some important advantages:

  • Extensive knowledge: They are very informed about the Persian cat breed. They love this breed and are happy to give advice on how to care for this special breed of cat.
  • Fanatics: Registered breeders are often big fans of a certain breed. They don’t breed kittens just to make money.
  • Get to know the parents: Registered breeders will often introduce you to both parents of Persian kittens. They can advise you in detail about the personality traits and characteristics of the kitten’s parents.
  • Everlasting Service: registered breeders will not “vanish” overnight. They love the kittens they bring into the world and are happy to help owners if they have a problem after the kitten is brought home.
  • Genetic Defects: Your Persian kitten is much less likely to be sold with a genetic defect if you get it from registered breeders. This is because reputable breeders screen their breeding cats for health problems commonly related to the breed, such as hip dysplasia.
  • Legitimate pedigree papers: When you buy from registered Persian cat breeders, you can be sure that the kitten’s pedigree papers are legitimate.
  • Standards of Care: When you buy from a registered breeder, you can be sure that your kitten has been treated appropriately. These breeders care emotionally about the feline breed and never harm their animals.
  • Vaccinations: Registered breeders make sure their kittens’ vaccinations are always up to date. They will not provide unvaccinated kittens.
  • Fund reputable businesses: When you buy from registered Persian cat breeders, you can be sure that no money goes to less reputable businesses to keep them going.

Avoid Persian Cats Breeders Who Do This

Unfortunately, there will always be deceptive people out there trying to get easy money from honest people.

Avoid falling into their traps by paying attention to Persian kitten sellers who show these warning signs:

1.cat switched

You have found the ideal Persian kitten, made an appointment with the seller, but then found that the announced kitten is no longer available? If this situation sounds familiar, you may have fallen for a dishonest seller who is only interested to make money untruthfully.

To help you better understand how this scam works, I’ll fully explain this scenario:

The “Switch-It” Tactic

Many undesirable Persian cat sellers like to use the “Switch-It” tactic for attracting some potential buyers.

They lure buyers by advertising beautiful Persian kittens at very low prices, but they don’t actually have those kittens for sale.


Before visiting a seller, always check the photo advertised online to make sure the cat photo is not a stock photo from the Internet websites.

You should ask the seller to provide you with several photos of the advertised kitten in its natural environment too. If the seller is not willing to do so, it might be because he uses free stock photos of Persian cats.

What happens later on?

The buyer arrives at the seller’s home or store. The seller explains that the advertised kitten is no longer available for many reasons. The buyer is naturally disappointed because they have made an emotional commitment to buy that advertised kitten.

The seller then takes the opportunity to suggest another Persian kitten that they actually have for sale. Because of being emotionally prepared to bring a kitten home, the buyer often agrees to buy the alternative kitten instead.

If something like this happens to you, you should definitely leave the seller alone, even if you drove hours to get there.

2.The seller requires a deposit

Reputable Persian cat breeders will never ask for a deposit if the buyer has not yet seen the kitten eye to eye.

If a seller asks you to pay a deposit before the viewing, politely refuse and end all correspondence with that seller.

It’s necessary to apply this trick because many scammers target trusting buyers in hopes of making a few dollars.

In most cases, the Persian kitten does not exist. The kitten ad is just a means to lure buyers into a conversation with the scammer, who is only interested in getting your money.

The criminal has no intention to sell you a real Persian kitten.

3.Money Oversea

Don’t transfer money outside the country you live in to pay for an advertised Persian kitten.

Only pay for a kitten if she is sitting in front of you and you take it home.

4.Gut feeling

Listen to your gut.

If something doesn’t feel or look right to you, don’t proceed with the transaction.

Maybe it’s just a small thing that makes you feel unsure, but you should never ignore your gut.

Where Can You Get Persian Kittens?

You can buy Persian kittens in a variety of places. However, some are more ethical and legitimate than others.
Check the following places:

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders should also be discouraged since they do not screen their breeding cats for health problems.

This is problematic because the kittens they sell may have genetic conditions that develop into unwanted health problems as they grow up.

These Persian cat breeders are not even interested in the feline breed and tend not to treat this beloved feline breed with the respect she deserves.

They also do not care about the welfare of the kittens and are only interested in mass breeding and then selling these kittens for as much as possible.

Gumtree and Craigslist

Actually, you need also to avoid buying a Persian kitten through Gumtree or Craigslist, as the pedigree status of the kitten is not guaranteed.

Various backyard breeders try to attract the interest of naive buyers through social platforms like these.

Pet Stores

It’s better not to buy your Persian kitten from a pet store unless it is highly recommended. Persian cats are a special breed of cat that requires a high level of care and attention.

Pet store staff often don’t know enough about the breed and chances are your kitten has not been fed the right properly.

Facebook groups

There are many online Facebook groups with wonderful communities full of fanatical Persian cat owners who regularly provide precious information about this cat breed.

Whenever a user posts a question, he/she often receives valuable answers directly from Persian cats owners within minutes. It’s considered a free question and answer service!

If you’re looking for registered Persian cat breeders in your area, why not ask one of the Facebook groups to recommend their favorite ones?

The bottom line

Buying a Persian cat doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might imagine at first, as long as you only buy from breeders that are registered in your country of residence.

While it may be tempting, you should not buy your Persian kitten from the next bestseller you find on the internet. If a kitten’s ad seems too good to be true, it probably is. So don’t buy these kittens unless you are completely sure they are real.

Social media platforms such as Gumtree and Craigslist should also be prevented unless the seller has been highly recommended by several users of a Facebook group of Persian cats fanatics.

This is crucial as you will not be able to verify the authenticity of a cat that claims to have a purebred pedigree.

Criminals count on buyers to believe them when they claim the cat is purebred. As a result, buyers may unknowingly purchase a mixed-breed Persian kitten but pay the same amount a purebred kitten may cost.

Finally, the extra effort required to be sure you are buying a purebred Persian kitten is worth it. Their sweet, affectionate and sociable personalities make them amazing family pets.

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