Although Persian cats commonly tolerate heat better than human beings, they may suffer on very hot days.

How to Keep your Persian Cat Cool in Summer

Here are some ways to make your Persian companion more comfortable and cool before and during hot weather.

Groom Your Persian Cat very well

A coat without tangles and mats helps your cat stay fresh and cool. Therefore, brush your cat regularly during the summer times.

It may also be worth having your Persian cat professionally clipped for hot days, especially if she has a very long coat.

Talk to your veterinarian to know what’s best. In the meantime, find out how to pamper your cat with our grooming tips by clicking here.

Pet your Persian cat with a damp towel

On extremely hot days, softly petting your Persian cat with a damp towel or paper towel can help cool her down.

And we all know that all cats enjoy a gentle pat.

Bring a small box fan in order to make a pleasant breeze for your Persian cat. And put that fan on the floor near an air conditioner or open window.

For additional cooling power, place an iced bottle before the fan.

Keep fresh water in the house

Your Persian cats need to stay hydrated in hot weather, just like we do. Leaving bowls of cool water around the house will encourage them to drink more often.

It’s necessary to change the water every day.

Close curtains and blinds during the heat.

It’s better to Close all window coverings to keep the house cool. Not only will this make your kitty happy, but it will also save you money on air conditioning costs.

Keeping fresh floors uncovered

Don’t be shocked when you see your Persian cat lying on the kitchen or bathroom floor.

Persian felines are naturally attracted to cool surfaces in the heat, so be sure to roll away the carpet or bath mat

Make your cat’s bed higher

Ventilation is crucial to make your Persian cat cool, so invest in a fabric-covered cat bed with short plastic or metal legs. The air passing under the bed will help your cat stay cool.

Create a “freshwater bottle” for your cat

To turn your cat’s favorite resting place into a cool oasis, fill a water bottle with water and place it in the freezer overnight.

During the morning of the following day, wrap the bottle in a towel and put it in place for a relaxing catnap.

Helpful tips for safety in the heat

Be careful about your cat’s feet because they have sweat glands on their paws. If your Persian cat leaves wet paw prints, it is a sign of sweating, so you need to keep her hydrated.

Pay attention to sheds and garages before closing the doors. Your Persian felines can squeeze into all sorts of hiding places, especially if they’re looking for a shady spot for coolness.

Check out the symptoms of heatstroke. These include excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, vomiting, fever, collapse, or unconsciousness. If you are concerned about your Persian friend, call your veterinarian right away.