Your female Persian cat is acting oddly and you’re wondering, “How do I know my cat is in heat? There are seven signs you should notice.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “like a cat in heat,” but what does that mean? “In heat” means that a cat is fertile and ready to mate.

Your cat’s first heat will occur when she reaches puberty between six and 10 months of age.

Her heat cycle usually lasts between four to five days, and if she doesn’t get pregnant, she’ll be back in heat in about two to three weeks.

Signs that your Persian cat is in heat

If your Persian cat has not been spayed, she will behave strangely when she is in heat. Pay attention to these behaviors:

1.She becomes more vocal

Also known as “calling,” your cat may moan, wail or meow constantly when she’s in heat.

Her cries can sound alarming – and even keep you awake at night.

Don’t forget that If your Persian cat is naturally noisy, look for other signs that will help you know if she’s in heat.

2.She is restless

Your Persian cat’s inability to relax or get comfortable may be a sign that she is in heat – especially if this behavior is accompanied by calling.

3.Crawling in a low voice

Your Persian cat may crawl on the floor and moan at the same time when she is in heat. This is normal heat behavior and doesn’t mean that your cat is in pain.

4.Extra Affection

Your Persian cat may rub herself against furniture, doors, and especially your ankles to spread her scent – which has subtly changed in this cycle.

It’s worth mentioning that this sign is a good indicator if your feline is not normally affectionate.

5.Grooming Excessively

In these times, your Persian cat’s genital area will likely be swollen and uncomfortable, which means she can spend a lot of time grooming that area.

6.Your Persian cat wants to be outside.

When your cat is in heat, she will try to roam outside to spread her scent. She may also like to meet a receptive male somewhere.

If you realize that the cat is in heat, make sure the house is closed so she can’t get out (and foreign cats can’t get in).

7.The tail tells the truth

Your cat may raise her buttocks in the air and wag her tail to one side, which is the best position for mating.

A Persian cat in heat requires extra work, care, and more attention from her parent. Also, there is always the possibility that your female cat will get pregnant and have kittens.