Tabby Persian cats are really unique pets that have a special beauty and an amazing look.

They have cute faces, chubby bodies, and calm personalities.

These cats are a little bit small compared to big cats like the Maine coon, yet very fascinating and beautiful.

A cute tabby Persian cat

Tabby Persian Cats Origin

Tabby Persians are cats that originated from Persia (Iran Nowadays) as their names suggest.

However, they became so famous in the victorian era in Britain. At that time, Persians were one of the cats that were seen frequently at cat shows.

Persian felines had short faces, chubby cheeks, round heads, and stocky bodies in addition to a short nose.

Persian cat‘s appearance has been changing due to selective breeding.

Accordingly, This cat became very famous that he even surpassed the beautiful Angoras in popularity.

What is the Size of the Tabby Persian Cat?

Tabby Persians are medium-sized cats that can weigh between 8 and 12 pounds.

They can also measure between 8 to 14 inches tall.

They have a flat-looking face, big eyes, and chubby cheeks. that’s why people love to adopt them.

Tabby Persian Cat Personality

Unlike many other cats, this feline is so quiet. He loves to spend much time relaxing on the couch and looking from the window.

This is not the type of cats that scratch every piece of furniture or damage your property.

He hates homes where there is a lot of noise.

These cats need to play a little bit with a feather teaser or a catnip mouse.

They will also require so much affection, care, and love that will surely return twofold.

Thus, tabby Persians are really the best and most friendly pet that every cat lover should get.

Grooming and Maintainence

Actually, all Persian cats are high-maintenance.

That means, they need regular grooming on a daily basis.

You can use a stainless steel comb that will help you remove tangles and mats.

Try to use these tools softly so as not to hurt your lovely cat.

Tabby Persian cats have silky and shiny coats.

If your cat has very soft fur, he will need more grooming than other cats.

Don’t forget to bathe your cat every week.

You can make your kitty got accustomed to this habit since he was young.

It’s also worth mentioning that Persians have teary eyes that must be looked after frequently.

Nail trimming is important too. You need to trim your cat’s claws every two weeks.

If you get into a routine, it will be easier to keep your cat’s nails controlled.

When you have trouble doing so, you may rely on a groomer for help.

You must also take care of your cat’s teeth to avoid periodical diseases like gingivitis.

Having a Persian cat can bring unlimited affection, love, and friendship to your life.

However, it’s your responsibility to take good care of your feline friend so as to make him happy and healthy.

Common Health Problems

Tabby Persian cats are liable to many health problems. These are the generally known ones :

Hairballs and trichobezoars

Tabby Persians are famous for their dense and long coat. that’s why they are more liable to develop trichobezoars than any other felines with shorter hair.

Polycystic kidney disease

These cats are very likely to have polycystic kidney disease. This means that cysts will develop in the kidney. They will grow quickly and develop if there is no treatment.

Respiratory problems

People can easily know Persians through their flat faces and big, round eyes.

Unfortunately, these characteristics make these cats susceptible to get respiratory problems.

Heart problems

Respiratory problems will surely make the Persian cat develop a heart issue. This disease is more likely to happen if the cat is obese.

Eye problems

The shape of this cat’s eyes may also cause certain problems.

The most common eye diseases of Persian cats are :

Congenital ankyloblepharon : This is an abnormality that is inherited.

It usually happens in the Persian cats that are blue-eyed. It is composed of a membrane between the lower and upper eyelids.

Congenital epiphora: It consists of too much tearing of the tear duct, which leads to oxidation of the hair across the eyes.

It also results in infection by bacteria or fungi in the affected place.

Entropion: It happens when the eyelashes irritate the cat’s cornea in consequence of the eyelid edge inversion.

It leads to excessive tearing.

Primary glaucoma: This is when there is excessive blood pressure in the eyes. It results in vision loss and opacity. This disease can be treated by surgery.

Are Persian Tabby Cats Friendly?

Persian tabby cats are generally friendly and affectionate companions. They are known for their calm and gentle temperament, which makes them great pets for families, seniors, or individuals living in apartments.

Persian tabby cats often form strong bonds with their human families and enjoy spending quality time with their owners.

They are usually not overly active or energetic, preferring to lounge around in comfortable spots and seek affection from their loved ones.

Moreover, Persian tabby cats are usually amiable towards other pets if properly introduced and socialized.

While individual personalities may vary, most Persian tabby cats get along well with other animals in the household.

It’s important to note that every cat has her own unique personality, so there can be variations in behavior even within the same breed.

However, in general, Persian tabby cats are friendly, and gentle, and make wonderful companions for those looking for a loving feline friend.

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Brown Tabby Persian Cats

Brown tabby Persian cats are a specific color and pattern variation within the Persian cat breed. As the name suggests, brown tabby Persians have a brown coat with distinctive tabby markings.

These markings can include bold stripes, swirling patterns, or spots, depending on the individual cat.

The Persian cat breed, in general, is known for her luxurious long fur, flat face, and gentle temperament. Brown tabby Persians share these characteristics with other members of the breed but have the unique tabby pattern that sets them apart.

The brown tabby pattern is one of the most common tabby variations and is found in various cat breeds, including Persians.

These cats can display a range of shades of brown, from light to dark, and their tabby markings can be quite striking, adding to their overall beauty.

Like other Persian cats, brown tabby Persians are usually calm, affectionate, and enjoy spending time with their human families.

They may have slightly different personalities based on their individual experiences and socialization, but in general, they make loving and gentle companions.

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Grey Tabby Persian Cat

Grey tabby Persian cats are a delightful and enchanting variation of the Persian cat breed, distinguished by their beautiful grey coats and distinctive tabby markings.

These cats combine the allure of the Persian breed’s luxurious long fur and flat face with the unique patterns found in tabby cats.

The grey tabby pattern is one of the most common tabby variations and is characterized by grey-colored fur with darker stripes, swirls, or spots.

The exact appearance of the tabby markings can vary from one cat to another, making each grey tabby Persian cat truly unique and captivating.

As with all Persian cats, grey tabby Persians are typically known for their gentle and affectionate temperament.

They tend to be calm and relaxed, enjoying a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle. These cats often form strong bonds with their human families and appreciate spending quality time with their caregivers.

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Red-tabby Persian Cat

Red tabby Persian cats are a captivating and charming variation of the Persian cat breed, characterized by their striking red coats and distinctive tabby markings.

These cats combine the beauty of the Persian breed’s long, luxurious fur and flat face with the unique patterns found in tabby cats.

The red tabby pattern is one of the most alluring tabby variations and is characterized by a reddish-orange coat with darker stripes, swirls, or spots.

The richness of the red color combined with the intricate tabby markings creates a stunning and eye-catching appearance in these feline companions.

As with all Persian cats, red tabby Persians are typically known for their gentle and affectionate temperament.

Regular grooming is essential for red tabby Persians to keep their long fur in pristine condition.

Red tabby Persians make wonderful additions to households seeking a loving and elegant feline companion with a touch of vibrancy in their appearance.

Their unique combination of striking red fur and endearing personality makes them cherished members of many families worldwide.

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How Much Does a Tabby Persian Cost?

Getting a tabby Persian cat is so expensive, and you may even face difficulty having one.

However, you can find some breeders specialized in breeding tabby Persians. But, they are rare.

That’s why a tabby Persian KITTEN can cost from $1300 to $1500, whereas adult tabby Persians may go between $600 to $1800.

Actually, you may even come across higher prices depending on so many other factors rather than the breed.

Thus, this cat is very pricey, but it is worth it.

Click here to know more about Persian cats’ prices.


No one denies the beauty of the tabby Persian cat and his sweet personality.

Although they are predisposed to some health issues, they are really the best cat if you take good care of them.

So, enjoy the best moments with your tabby Persian. But, If you don’t have one, try to get him as soon as possible.

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