Persian cats are small, yet very glamorous and unlike many other cat breeds that you can find out there.

They have a sweet face, their coat flows really well, and their personality is very calm.

Those things combined really show the uniqueness of the GOLDEN Persian cat and how incredible this pet is.

A beautiful golden Persian cat

Where Did the Golden Persian Cats Come from?

Persian cats are said to originate from Persia, hence their name.

However, when they became very popular was during the Victorian times in Britain, and it was one of the first cats to be seen at pet shows.

Persian cats always had a short face, round head, as well as chubby cheeks, and a cobby body, in addition to a short nose.

In time, their features have changed quite a bit. This is why nowadays Persian cats appear in a traditional or a show look, depending on the situation.

Are There Different Persian Cat Colors and Patterns?

Yes, in fact, the Golden Persian cat is only one of the many color types out there.

The golden color is not very common, especially when it comes to pure gold.

There are some other color combinations that include a golden appeal, but those are less rare.

The Golden Persian cat is very similar to the Silver Persians, the only difference is their color.

However, a Golden Persian is known to be very affectionate and sweet, and they are a pleasure to be around.

They are cuddly, and you will rarely see such a pet attacking you.

This is why it makes a lot of sense to have these as a pet since they are so much fun to be around in the first place.

Aside from these colors, you can also find cream, red, blue, black, and white Persian cats. Most of these were bred this way, so you can rarely find them.

What is the Size of the Golden Persian Cat?

A Golden Persian cat can have anywhere from 6 to 9 pounds.

Some of the larger specimens can go up to 12 pounds, but this is rather rare and it doesn’t happen that often.

This cat is anywhere from 10 to 15 inches tall, and it has really big eyes.

That’s why many people prefer adopting him since he’s so different when compared to many of the other pets you can find out there.

Their chubby cheeks and flat face also add up to make an incredible, very distinctive personality.

Golden Persian Cat Personality

What should you know about the personality of this cat? Unlike many other felines, this is a quiet one and he always wants to just unwind, relax and sleep for a long time.

He’s looking for a quiet environment. They will lounge on the sofa, stay near the fireplace, and so on.

This type of cat does accept kids, however, it dislikes things like dragging around or dress up.

It can become violent when that happens. So, as long as the pet is treated respectfully and it’s not disturbed, it will be ok with kids.

As you can imagine, this pet doesn’t generate a lot of noise. Instead, he lets his eyes do the speaking.

Those large eyes are adorable, and you will rarely find yourself being able to resist them.

Grooming and Maintenance

The truth is that your Golden Persian cat is a high-maintenance cat.

What that means is his coat needs daily grooming. Use a stainless steel comb, this will help you remove the loose hair, tangles, and mats.

These can be very painful for your pet, so removing them on a daily basis can actually make a huge difference every time.

The Golden Persian cat in particular has a shiny, silky coat. There are also times when these have a soft texture.

If the texture is soft, this will need even more grooming time, so that’s certainly something you need to keep in mind as much as possible.

Your Golden Persian cat also needs weekly bathing.

Make this a habit ever since your cat is small, so it can get used to bathing.

After bathing is over, you want to blow the coat dry and comb it properly if you can.

Another thing to note is that the Golden Persian cat has a tendency to have teary eyes, mainly due to his flat-faced structure.

Wipe his face on a daily basis, especially under the eyes.

Nail trimming is also possible, the same thing can be said when it comes to brushing their teeth as often as you can for the best results.

Potential Health Problems

The Golden Persian cat can have a multitude of potential health issues.

These can be things like health sensitivity, cherry eye or entropion, skin conditions that lead to redness, hair loss or itchiness, ringworm predisposition, dental problems and even breathing difficulties.

How much Does a Golden Persian Cost?

Getting a Golden Persian cat is very expensive and he can be very rare to find.

There are breeders specialized in breeding only golden Persians, but they are few and far between.

This is why the Golden Persian cat price can vary anywhere from $1300 to $1500 for kittens and it can go anywhere from $600 to $1800 if you want to buy an adult cat.

Of course, depending on the breed and other factors, it’s possible to find some Golden Persian cats that go upwards of $2000.

This is a very expensive breed, but also extremely impressive and rare.


There’s no denying that the Golden Persian cat is a very cute breed and one that truly stands out with his color and personality.

Keep in mind that some of these cats are predisposed to some health conditions, so frequent visits to the vet are recommended.

However, if you get past that, you will find the Golden Persian cats to be incredible, different from many of the other cats out there, but extremely loveable and friendly.

They are also great with kids, which is always a bonus.

Get your own Golden Persian as soon as possible and you will be incredibly impressed with him!

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